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  1. Hi Guys, Clearing out the last of my escort stuff and all I've got left is five GTI alloys, all yours for collection. Pick em up from just outside Wigan if you're interested. CBA with posting them. All wheels have tyres but they've been sat for a good few years so I wouldn't use them. PM me if you want them.
  2. Evenin all. Having a bit of a garage clear out. Got 5 GTI alloys, including four centre caps, four locking nuts and key plus the rest of the nuts. Will need tyres. £50 collected from near Ormskirk, L40. http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/Escort%20bits/20131103_161024_zpsc7b65892.jpg One has a little bit of bubbling http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/Escort%20bits/20131103_161013_zpsb5ee95ac.jpg Drivers side front and rear, passenger side rear jacking point covers in tourmallard green. Fiver each? Front/rear demister switch. Fiver. Front/rear fog light switch. Fiver. The car is also going soon, so if anyone wants anything in tourmallard green, drop me a pm.
  3. Ive got some gti alloys i want shot of, near Ormskirk, if you're interested? They're in good nick but will need tyres.
  4. caled

    Alloys / seats

    Ive got a 5 door half leather set in burscough, £50? Ive also got 5 gti alloys, but the tyres are knackered. 6 speed wipers, too, if you're interested?
  5. Ive got a half leather interior I could let you have for £60 if you want it? Its in pretty good nick, and is based in lancashire. Get pics up if you want.
  6. I've seen a couple of 2013 fiestas in the flesh now and I still think that new grill is disgusting. http://www.whatcar.com/Car/Ford/Fiesta/19111212101442.jpg The front end on the new ST looks better, but I think all the new Fords look horrid (and the new Mazdas and BMWs, whilst Im ranting).
  7. You're happier replacing a whole engine rather than fixing a blown headgasket? At least get the head off to see how bad it is! Better the devil you know n all.
  8. I was about to post the same thing. It looks pretty much like every other ford at the minute.
  9. Hi all, Was at Donington yesterday, so thought I'd throw up a few pictures for you all to peruse. First off, thanks to only being able to autofocus on my bridge camera (Fuji S5800, if anyone is interested), I have a lot of pictures like this: http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/BTCC/Donington%20BTCC%202013/fence_zpsb7a2fad0.jpg Still wanting to get hold of a new DSLR, probably a Canon 600D/650D. Anyway, more pics. Welch stopped right in front of me at the end of the first race, so snapped a few pictures: http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/BTCC/Donington%20BTCC%202013/welch_zpsa301f630.jpg http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/BTCC/Donington%20BTCC%202013/smith_zpsfe1fa0ef.jpg http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/BTCC/Donington%20BTCC%202013/shedden_zpsec5d32a4.jpg http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/BTCC/Donington%20BTCC%202013/race2_zpsb7a8da8a.jpg Plato's 400th race and Neal's 500th, so they were allowed to change their numbers for this race to celebrate: http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/BTCC/Donington%20BTCC%202013/Plato400Neal500_zps5ac4e140.jpg http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/BTCC/Donington%20BTCC%202013/plato400_zps69b1ef5d.jpg http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/BTCC/Donington%20BTCC%202013/onslowcole_zpse6e74386.jpg http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/BTCC/Donington%20BTCC%202013/jordansheddon_zpsd0bce5a9.jpg http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/BTCC/Donington%20BTCC%202013/jackson_zps3d217d90.jpg http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/BTCC/Donington%20BTCC%202013/bratt_zpsdfc939c8.jpg http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/BTCC/Donington%20BTCC%202013/austin_zps31f873cc.jpg http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/BTCC/Donington%20BTCC%202013/tordoff_zps6145a591.jpg http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/BTCC/Donington%20BTCC%202013/turkington_zps575060f6.jpg I do like me some Ginetta, so an arty shot (read: black and white): http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/BTCC/Donington%20BTCC%202013/ginetta_zpsb663fd13.jpg
  10. Good find, I hadn't seen that one. Might take a run up there this weekend. Cheers
  11. edit: Blimey, maybe I should get it refurbished properly if this is anything to go by!
  12. So, the missus and I were entertaining some friends last night, and we decide we should have some background music, as you do. Thought now would be a good opportunity to show off my 1965 Dansette Hifi that I found whilst clearing out my mother's loft, which had been there since we cleared out my grandmother's house many years ago. http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/Randoms/Dansette.jpg Lovely looking thing, ain't it? I'm quite attached to it, at least. So, got the vinyls going, and leave the missus with some friends whilst I wander off to the shops. Came back 10 minutes later to find a funky smell in the flat, walk in to find everyone stood in the kitchen oblivious to the fact the hifi was pouring out smoke - lucky we didnt set off all the smoke alarms! I rapidly unplugged the hifi and ran with it to the balcony, where I let it cool off. Popped off a cover to have a quick peek inside, and found this, still red hot to the touch (fortunately doesn't appear to have actually set itself alight). http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g407/Caled10/dansette_zpsd3df7479.jpg Hopefully, the smoke was just from the melting plastic and smouldering dust (Could do with a clean in there, to be honest - when was the last time you cleaned inside your hifi?). Looking for recommendations for someone to send this to to get it properly refurbished, and have already posted on one vintage radio forum (if anybody knows of any, feel free to say!). But yeah, bit miffed. I like that hifi
  13. caled


    Yeah, the thought of spending time and money on the escort to put it back on the road after ~3 years in a garage doesn't fill me with joy, either. Maybe we're all just getting old and miserable. Maybe I should turn one of my old half leather seats into a desk chair? The insurance issue has me more concerned now, as I know my current insurer wont run a second car policy. I found out today that I'm possibly looking at moving just this side of christmas, which is coincidentally about the same time my insurance is up for renewal. And this will be moving into a much, much, MUCH lower insurance postcode, so maybe onto a multicar or something. Afterall, I'll be the only one driving them and I can't drive two cars at once. I think if I do get a second car, I wouldn't want a ZS120 as the temptation to fiddle with it to get more power would be too great - will only end up spending on a VVC or stickers . I want something I can waft around in, rather than chuck into corners. I'll see if I can up my budget nearer the time, but given the rental prices and deposits down there, I can't likely see that happening.
  14. caled


    Yeah, might as well stick it in for a pre-MOT test, but at the very least its MOT, tax and insurance. As its been sat for a good couple of years now it'll need a new battery, oil/filter, coolant, possibly brakes. The tyres on the gti alloys will be shot, but I have some nearly new on steelies that I put on just before I got the alloys - anyone know how long tyres can be stored for? The belts were changed not long before it came off road, as I wasnt originally planning on keeping it off road for as long as it has been. Wouldnt know whether to try and flog some bits off it if I did decide to scrap - is there any market for half leathers, gti alloys etc anymore?
  15. caled


    As a second car or swap mine? I had thought about it either way, or even a ZT, but I wanted to avoid the K series, which would mean either a diesel (which are still surprisingly expensive) or a KV6 (which I already have, and I was looking for something with a smaller, more economical engine). The K series are supposed to be reliable with the uprated gaskets, but would you risk it? Especially if the alternative was a mk3 mondeo with a duratec. Ive still got my old escort, too, but putting that back on the road after a few years in the garage would probably cost more than just buying a new car - will probably end up scrapping that, too.
  16. caled


    Not known for reliability overall, though : 02-06 Parkers, 06-09 Parkers Might just bite the bullet and do any long trips in the MG or a hire car, then look at getting a second car in the future for something to play with. 70ish mpg would be nice, though.
  17. caled


    Actually, the MGs been more reliable than my old escort, and I dare say it'd probably be a better motorway run in the MG than whatever barge I go for. The reason I dont want to put the miles on it is Id like to keep it a nice, low miles example. I know it'd never be cheaper to buy and run another car, but I just dont want to put the miles on the MG - and depreciation isnt really an issue as there isnt really anywhere for the prices to go. Just want to keep it nice, ya know? But any way, thanks for clearing up the insurance front. Is it possible to split no claims between two cars, if it cant be mirrored? I know that some companies will give you a discount on a second motor if you have a stack of NCD on another car. I did think about a classic car, but I cant imagine that would either be cheap to run or reliable. If I cant split it/mirror it/get a second car discount, then I might have to give up on the idea and just use the MG. As sidrick said, audis in the price range Id be looking at would be a liability, as would any common rail diesel that I can think of, hence why I was thinking petrol. A TDDI mk3 Mondeo would be perfect, but finding one of them at a decent price/mileage wasnt happening when I was looking a week back. A 306D might be a good shout, I'll have a scout around for them. Cheers for the input guys.
  18. caled


    You get the wireless card and gfx in, then? Mine's still up and running, running OS X Lion better than it ever ran XP, Vista or 7. Pretty much completely moved across to Apple, now (aside from an Android phone).
  19. Mornin all I've got a fairly major move coming up in a few months due to work which will result in me relocating to ~200 miles away. I'll be heading back up the M40/M6 (Oxford to Manchester/Liverpool) at least twice a month, if not more, and looking to be spreading the cost by travelling up with some of my colleagues who are in a similar boat. Im not wanting to put these miles on the ZS, as even though its more than capable of the miles, I quite like it and dont want to have a bajillion miles on the clock (not to mention the stone chips). There are two options that I can think of; 1. an old barge 2. a hire car So, the questions. 1. If you were faced with this choice, which would you choose? I'll have to do some sums to work out which would end up cheaper. A hire car Assuming you pick the old barge, the second and much more interesting question - 2. which barge would you pick? I dont want to spend more than £1k on it, I want it to be fairly spacious and reliable, not have a million miles on the clock and most importantly, good on fuel. A bonus I only just realised is that car insurance shouldnt be too much of an issue (assuming I can mirror my no claims with an insurer), as I'll be moving from an area which is rated lower than F (i.e. 'refer') to areas rated A or B. My current thinking is a mk3 petrol mondeo, as they're reliable, cheap to buy/insure/run/fix, they look nice on the inside and there are plenty of them about. The reason I say petrol is that theyre only ~10mpg less than the TDCI on extraurban, tend to have much lower mileage and dont have the DMF and injector issues. A TDDI would be ok, but they all have a hundred millions miles on the clock. Another thought I had was an older Volvo V40/S40, as I quite like the V50 but cant really afford that. I know the ~00s VAG 1.9TDIs are supposed to be quite reliable (unlike the more recent efforts), so I suppose that counts in Skoda and Seat - Id be lucky to get a VW or Audi within my price bracket. So, thoughts?
  20. caled

    1.6 16v

    What kind of condition are you looking for? I could be persuaded to let my old 1.6LX go, but its been sat in a garage for a couple of years now so will need a bit of TLC. On the plus side, it's already got skirts, gti alloys and half leather interior, and its down in Burscough, near Ormskirk.
  21. Probably either the wishbones or the tracking.
  22. Er... shouldn't the gas bottle be secured anyway?
  23. No, I was thinking of the DTM, I was watching it on there a couple of weeks ago but seems to have been taken down now. Guess this is the one you were looking at?
  24. Is this for a present or you just want to see it? The ITV4 roundup is probably still on the ITVPlayer.
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