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  1. Last price drop to £7500, has to go!
  2. Price dropped to £8.5k no offers, quick sale needed
  3. Hi all. I'm selling our Zafira, need to free up some funds after getting married Bus
  4. Loving the progress Mike, this things gonna be awesome Makes me warm inside to see the front bumper live on.
  5. Cheers mate, but today i thought enough was enough and bought an S4
  6. Hi all I'm after an idiots guide to fitting a starter motor to my Mondeo. Car has caused me such much grief just lately i've decided its gotta go!! But first I need to fit a new starter motor and it looks very awkward to get to. I now theres some competent mechanics on here and would appreciate any advice. Cheers
  7. My contract is up for renewal and I'm liking the iphone more and more. I'd like any feedback from owners, past and present, good and bad, before I go any furthur. Are they 100% reliable, does the browser suffer badly in low reception areas, whats battery life like, ringtone loud enough? Anything really.
  8. I have two mates with girlfriends who have kids with a previous partners and they get no payments what-so-ever, when I ask why dont you get onto the CSA they just say its not worth the hassle!?!? What makes it worse is that the fathers are complete losers! When I first watched the film Boyz in da Hood, one quote from Lawrence Fishburne stayed with me... "Any fool with a dick can make a child, but it takes a real man to raise that child."
  9. Buy a load and whack em on ebay then
  10. Pete


    Wont happen, he has said today that 'he wants to grow old' at Milan He doesn't need the money and why would you leave a club like AC Milan to go to Man City?
  11. Because if they give conflicting (probably correct lol) advice it will just start arguements, hence seek out professional advice
  12. Pete


    Masterplan = anthem
  13. Anythings possible, the last game was the best 0-0 I've seen in ages! After watching spurs last night, cant see them giving us too many problems, infact if you play like you did in the first half it will be all over by half time 1st half was embarassing, 2nd half was awesome And now we can throw Defoe up front we'll have more firepower. I never expected us to beat Chelsea in the final last year, and we all know what happened there......
  14. Anythings possible, the last game was the best 0-0 I've seen in ages!
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