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  1. Im not about here much these days, but i just popped by to say how much i love this!!! I saw it at RS Combe and it looks perfect Keep up the good work!
  2. Cheers chaps I bloody love it! I just need to get it MOT'd and on the road I dont know much about them really, I know they are similar to the RS2000 engine, i have a spare one of them lying around, but i think im either going to 2.9 24v it, or put a 2.3 Galaxy bottom end on the DOHC head
  3. But it is still a Ford! Ive been thinking about getting something RWD for a little while now, and i wanted to keep my ST170, so i bought this.....Its a 1992 Sierra 2 litre Ghia, its got loads of spec for its age It was very cheap, and pretty original (apart from the red paint) so i had to buy it http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w200/tomhicks1/Sapphire/IMG_2790_zps2f4dfcc1.jpg http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w200/tomhicks1/Sapphire/IMG_2788_zps767edc63.jpg The first thing i did was to get rid off the hideous red painted wheels, and the red shite everywhere in the engine bay! http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w200/tomhicks1/Sapphire/IMG_2821_zps230b8115.jpg http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w200/tomhicks1/Sapphire/IMG_2824_zpsb0968303.jpg Then i picked up a bargain set of scprpio wheels with really good tyres for £50 (they need painting) http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w200/tomhicks1/Sapphire/43E876DB-11EF-42ED-827A-0AC0777ACB41_zpsmdvjhsic.jpg http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w200/tomhicks1/Sapphire/C4B85F13-B656-491D-9575-173F8FF1C5CD_zps8veqqpaa.jpg Plans are, to get it MOT'd, lowered and get the rear bumper painted in the correct colour
  4. They mean track rod ends mate, your car wouldnt have drag links.....because it doesnt have a steering box. If it was the rack ends (the arms off the rack) then they would be listed as inner steering ball joints. I work in a factors and get this all the time. Basically you need both track rod ends, and a lower ball joint
  5. I think ill pop over the water for this one
  6. Very nice mate!! I cant knock MX5's A mate of mine has a red mk1 on Porsche D90's
  7. My st170 is a much superior car to my gti BUT my gti is my fave go figure I think ill agree with Hezz here, if i had the time to put my ST170 engine into a clean mk6 shell id do that! When i had the RS2000 it was a hoot to drive, but felt really old and loose compared to my focus which has more miles. Back on topic though, that is one hell of a lot of work you are putting in there!! I love all these update
  8. Less time taking pictures of shoes, and more time fitting that 2.0!!!!
  9. I went to a few shows with EVO when i first joined. That was 2007/8 i think
  10. Magnex I had one on my GTi, i have one on my ST170, and a mate has one on his EsCos
  11. I really like that!!! Good effort!
  12. hicksy


    Just been looking through old posts and ive stumbled upon this one. 4 years later and i still dont have my strut brace or my refund!!
  13. Thats from my neck of the woods!! A DL plate is an Isle of Wight registered plate I do like a good E39 touring
  14. That belonged to the guy that had the bad crash (i cant think of his name anymore ) Good to see you back in a ford though mate
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