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  1. Im still ere...... .......... but only cos there's still toolbags who make threads like this that give me a giggle.
  2. even brutal truths are still truths. dont get me wrong, theres definate benefits (and I aint talking about those fullashit types that sugar coat their own reality while they harp on about "the joys of raising a family and how satisfying and forfilling it is that they dont need anything else in their life") Im talking about how you can do all those things that you couldnt do "because your an adult" where the missus would frown at you "playing xbox all day" instead you suddenly achieve glowing status by changing it to "spending time with my son playing xbox" things like "your too old for rollerblades!" turns into "You'll need to get some rollerblades for yourself if we get our son some" for example... my lad wanted a little rc mini quadcopter, he got it........and I got to build and fly my own so "we could bond while flying together" <sits here chuckling cos he knows the Sugercoaters are scowling>
  3. now all you need to do Is get your mind into the correct state to cope with the next few years Ive found it useful to sit down for a few minutes and think about all the things you desire and intend/intended to acquire........ .........then accept that you wont be getting them for atleast 18yrs.........perhaps more if the little fecker doesnt leave home straight away.
  4. whoever takes a 65 mustang and paints it pink needs shooting just for the good of humanity.
  5. I gave up with F1 right about the time that you could go out and buy a road legal car that was faster.
  6. hmmmmmmmmm could it perhaps have something to do with the fact that regardless if I "refresh" page or hit the "view new post" button Im getting zero results back and have to instead manually dig through the forums for the new posts I know exist. For me its annoying, for a newcomer looking for a quick answer to some random query itd be enough to just feck off to another site instead is it just something on my end or is this a new evo hiccup?
  7. well might aswell get it over with.... Im leaving also.... ....I need a coffee, back in a mo.
  8. "best get on EVO its all kicking off" yeah........... erm........... in hindsight..................... sorry about those. <returns to corner>
  9. <sniff sniff> .........it might be........... tried odoureaters?
  10. Id say Bermuda shorts maybe at most its cutdown jeans..... "pants" is a bit ott imho. that is unless you add a nice shirt!!, now thats a whole different ball game then....it could very well be "pants" then, but, "pants with a nice dress shirt and perhaps a tie" <wonders back off into his corner pondering the pro's and cons of buttonless sleeves and the use of cufflinks instead>
  11. http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31957.jpg
  13. story is too vague (in the reports online) but with the limited info available Id have to say that given her "profession" (apparently the belief in and blind worship of a made up mythical entity without any proof whatsoever of its existance is a actual "Profession") the insurance company might very well have been in the right. her slapping "god loves you" and "christ is you saviour" shite all over her vehicle could be construed as using you personal vehicle for more than just commuting and social uses and instead as a advertisement platform for your place of work.......which is a whole different insurance catagory obviously ergo. policy invalidation.
  14. its one of those bizarre entirely unimportant thoughts that occur to you out of no where and once realised continue on through your life as a constant nagging question in the back of your mind. but I can now rest a little more easily in my meagre existence knowing that yes, yes they can indeed do so..... ....a beard can actually grow straight down and create an unbroken blanket with chest hair. feckin yeti
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