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    R866 CTW Escort 1.8 GTI, R596 SSN Escort 1.6 Si, S9 DDR Vauxhall Movano 2.2 di,vauxhall vectra 2.2 sri 150 D9 DSE

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  1. i hav a front and rear bumper in panther black m8
  2. i hav one in northants if it helps?
  3. my old seats.... mmmmmm mmmmm loved these but ill giv ya a fiver pmsl. gd luck m8
  4. gotta panther black bootlid for sale can come with rear chrome surround or not depending on price. lookin for around 30 without chrome or 45 with the chrome, picked up. not really able to deliver but can meet somewere, http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/hh126/daz9dse/100_2121.jpg
  5. hi all ive got a playstation 2 for sale in pretty top condition, lookin for 50 quid posted cheers
  6. i got one for 40 quid too, but im in northamptonshire
  7. yes mate stil got them they are the black ones that go with the gti seats
  8. ive got a set of clear angel eye headlights, i would lik to swap them for some smoked ones or morretes.......
  9. ps2 silver slimline with one controller. used but in good condition can get pics if intrested, looking for around £45 thanks
  10. im having a good clear out, pics available upon request from tomorrow, PANTHER BLACK front bumper rear bumper all doors from 5door bonnett boot lid spoiler black plastic door handles painted black chrome interior door handles white dials ghia x interior complete dash boot mat standard shocks and springs si steering wheel 1.6 engine 1.6 gearbox door cards from si black kenwood 6x9s both wings chrome rear number plate surround chrome front grille 1 headlight drivers i believe standard rear lights middle section exhaust 2x backboxes aerial base black face clock 2x black plastic door handles cat from 1.6 both wing mirrors manual im sure theres more but cant think just wanted to raise some intrest
  11. i hav one but it has a small part of filler on one corner, good condition
  12. ive got a middle section and bonnett but in black
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