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  1. cheers lol not long had new cam kit it sounds worse than it is
  2. i have a 03 reg transit connect t230 with 111k miles on clock it has no mot but requires a tyre 2 drop links and injector cleaner due to high emisssions the bad points are apart form lack of mot 1.will need new clutch in near future 2. will need new lock set as door locks are tempermental 3. it has been reversed into gate post an dented panelwork by rear light wat sort of value would i be looking at as im looking to sell it i can normall put a value on most things easily bit struggling on this http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n626/redlynchracing/connect286.jpg http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n626/redlynchracing/connect287.jpg
  3. i wasnt planning too i sort of put idea on backburner i delvered a car to auction for a mate and this came throu so had a bid
  4. oh yes got it at southampton motor auction im suprised it went for so little it drives really well
  5. thought i would update i have bought this just before xmas 1600cc 97k miles 6 months mot http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n626/redlynchracing/vitara.jpg not bad for £260 just waiting for new tyres
  6. its wheels its good enough for the money you cant grumble parts are plentyful and cheap
  7. after ideally the front door locks barrals and key for a transit connect cash waiting
  8. this has been shared by so many of my facebook friends i only had to see title to know what it was lol
  9. £300 for a quick sale
  10. Cheers Robbie! - All suggestions are helpful Used to have a 106 1.5D... Although it was amazing on fuel (had just over 100mpg on a a long motorway run), I didn't fit in it properly I've looked into the Seat "Arouser" and they come back as a very cheap alternative to a Lupo which is a Lupo with a Seat badge, insurance is very cheap also (£150 cheaper than the exact spec Lupo... go figure). I looked at a a few, just forgot all about them. Modern Seat/Skoda certainly seem like the Audi/VW for those with a measurable IQ i use to have a arosa diesel and it was great to drive granted mine had coilovers was like a little go kart 1.7 sdi engine it was non turbo but still went well might be worth looking at a metro diesel same engine as pug 106 diesel
  11. snapped cable ? or bushes in the pedal maybe ?
  12. nissan primera 2.0 s reg 5 speed manual mot august 2013 no tax 81k miles elecric windows electric mirrors air con cd player remote central locking/alarm car is located in downton nr salisbury i can arrange collection from train station £375 ono may p/x http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n626/redlynchracing/primera_zpse4565758.jpg
  13. nice car i know of a couple who have had these and been impressed by them at risk of upsetting stevemo how is that car gonna help with your leather repairing malarky u are doin
  14. u need to open your eyes then seen quite a few round your area that aint beat to Fcuk
  15. same as sidrick i will be watching too i'm a fan of sierras is it a cvh engine ?
  16. just a update the vectra is now off the road its dead hit a massive flood on a country road at night been taken to farm to be striped as for the vitara i have decided to keep it as a off road toy will regret selling it i know i would got some knobbly tyres coming and looking into a snorkal and lift kit
  17. my thoughts exactly at the mo but once xmas eve comes along i will feel a bit more festive
  18. i keep seeing that shape corsa go at auction for 700 upwards looks like a good car marshy when u gonna get rid of escort and get ya self one ?
  19. i was thinking that myself
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