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  1. fiat sensodrive gearboxes put it in drive realise brakes and they dont creep along you have to prod throttle to make it move
  2. vectra 1600 16v 149k ish miles has a mot till may no tax advertising as spares repairs been told it cuts out occasionalyy at junction i have not driven it enough to find out why other faults are window regs dont work blow on exhaust couple of tyres maybe couple of rear bushes good winter car maybe or for spares bit of rust on passenger door and fuel cap area £150 or i will just take wheels off and weigh the rest car is located in downton sp5 area http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n626/redlynchracing/vectrabreak.jpg
  3. redmex or scottybo might be able to help they know him better than i do
  4. 54 reg tax end of december mot 13th dec 2012 air con cd player electric window remote central locking alloy wheels car drives very well with no knocks or anything bad points one of the front fogs is missing there is a slight crack in front bumper interior needs a good clean £500 ono car is located in downton wiltshire may px http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n626/redlynchracing/008-9.jpg
  5. But do Rovers have any value? Apart from the Honda engined ones? Yeah but if you add it up, for the worst. £400 for the car £50 for the gasket kit £30 for head skim Still fails. £200 for another engine. You're getting onto £700 if worst comes to worst, that's just for the mechanicals, then it's also no longer a 20,000 mile car. Of course if this car isn't for making a profit, then that's completely down to whether it's worth it to you. But bare in mind, you can get this for £300 which has a poorly engine http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1999-FORD-FOCUS-...=item1e74570198 And the Focus is a 10x better car. 54 reg 25 sold at my local auctions on monday night with mot and tax 70k odd miles for £550 like escorts its a buyers market
  6. your advert on here stated bad bits Clutch is slipping abit, still reaches over 70 on motorway and still drives fast... Horn is not working (probs fuse)... airbag light is on.. spoiler needs t cut slight dent on the drivers side rear wing, hardly noticable.. drivers side rear arch is rusty, check pics, Exhaust is blowing from the gasket that joins the cat... indicator relay isnt working, so no indicators... drivers door has been bent back in the past so has a crease (check pics) small scratch on dash board but never botherd me... apart from that, everything else is perfect now granted its not a new car however those things would easily be enough to put someone off buying your car especially the clutch considering u can get other gti escorts with less bad bits for £500 or near enough im just saying it as it is im not being a c**t
  7. that head unit looks so out of place but im not use to seeing aftermarket ones in bmw's
  8. Honda Prelude Vti It is the top spec one with the 2.2 vtec engine (185bhp) and 4WS system. It has a few marks etc around the body and has a small patch of rust on the rear arch but is in generally good condition externally. The interior is also in good condition with no rips or burns in the seats. It is definitely no show car so please don’t expect it to be perfect however it has never once let me down and the engine runs very well. It comes equipped with the following: A/C E/W ESR Cruise Control 4WS E/M CD Player etc etc Mileage is just under 160K It is currently declared SORN as the tax ran out at the end of October and it has MOT until June 2013. Has recently had a filter service and had new tyres all round at the last MOT. There is a slight knock from the rear over certain bumps which i think maybe the exhaust knocking. Part service history. In general this is a good runner that has a few rough edges which are reflected in the low price. car is located in eastleigh nr southampton £450ono any sensible questions please ask http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n626/redlynchracing/prelude1.jpg
  9. heard bill tarmey jack duckworth of corrination street has snuffed it this morning
  10. robbie

    electric winch

    ya pussy, get a manual one and some muscles ya big nancy bugger off time is money also i dont get paid to use energy
  11. robbie

    electric winch

    im after a electric winch for my truck cash waiting
  12. your not first to say that i got couple of people interested in them
  13. it will be used for work as for the vectra it will most likely get broken up in april i have been lax with it so to speak and gonna need to much to get it how i want along with sorting little bits for mot just as much money as buyin a replacement i may put the bits on
  14. just thought i would show my current motors 1. vauxhall vectra 2.0 dti got this from mexico16v last year was suppose to be a temp car till april but it passed mot with no issues apart from a tyre i replaced damaged wing and thats it really lol http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n626/redlynchracing/025.jpg has vectra c alloys with gsi bodykit and gsi super touring recaros i also found a penguin in the car so if mexico wants it back he can http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n626/redlynchracing/026.jpg 2. and i bought this during week on ebay including delivery paid £1000 for it got couple of bits to do for it to be nigh on perfect for a L reg transit http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n626/redlynchracing/019-3.jpg http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n626/redlynchracing/015-4.jpg http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n626/redlynchracing/021-1.jpg http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n626/redlynchracing/023-2.jpg
  15. its good idea i view to see how much feedback but not what the feedback is
  16. Just this second seen this on bookface. its doin the rounds lol
  17. http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n626/redlynchracing/pump.jpg
  18. like most people who want a car now a days want the world for Fcuk all
  19. i never went rick or treating as a child never had a problem with kids doin it until some kids came and i had run out of shits started mouthing off and kicked my door since then kids can Fcuk off i would happily put up a electric fence to stop the fuckers
  20. some might call it miserable, but I sit there happy whilst there are no batteries in the door bell. I'm not spending my money on stranger's kids, neither do they need any more sweets than kids already eat!!!!! i can see where your coming from why should i spend my money which i earnt on the local pikey kids which make Fcuk load of noise have no respect which is near enough most kids now a days along with having to get up /stop what im doin to open the door to the scrounging spaz's i never done it as a child couldnt see the point i know shops wont sell flour etc now but whats next kids accusing u of being a nonce for not giving sweets ? also duffa epic pics :roll:
  21. most people park like that in bournemouth
  22. im suprised u didnt mention the bit about the law suit still like the mk1 mondeo thou
  23. get a cardboard cut out of jimmy saville problem solved
  24. cheers bud will try it during week
  25. serial number m551085 6000cd thank you muchly
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