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  1. found this just before i started my new job
  2. roni size dirty beats or anything by the tidy boys or there own label tidy trax
  3. thank you all for the warm welcome
  4. i see well i have better things things to do then cause trouble
  5. Warn: (0%) any idea whats this above about
  6. i would like to say thanks for the warm welcome when i get my camera back tomorrow i will put up pics of my old escort van and fiesta xr2i
  7. as the title states im a new member as my user name says robbie as thats my name just thought i would say hello i have owned quite a few fords two escort mk4 xr3is a orion fiesta and a escort looking to get back into a escort after spendin a little while just finished driving a rover which has ben sold now
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