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  1. was there someone one on here that could get a full car check? I am not expecting it for free but I fear ive bought a lemon after doing some work under the car. might be total legit reason but seems to have tell tale signs of used parts. if anyone can help its a ford fiesta St 150 2006 and the reg is EX56 HTF cheers
  2. yea just plug and play, its designed to work with the once touch down already in place, so will not give the one touch down once installed.
  3. you take the gaitor surround thing off the escort, remove the switch from the loom and insert this loom into the connectors and into the switch, this will only work properly if you already have one touch down.
  4. yea i still have this loom for sale
  5. http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31190.jpg
  6. i know its not from an escort but just incase anyone has one lying about and wants shot, looking for the following http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31189.jpg cheers
  7. for sale (pics to follow) a plug and play one touch loom for the escort, my car had the one touch down already installed so ive created the loom around this. £30pounds o.n.o more bits and bobs to follow
  8. i have one with heated water jets too if your still interested, pm if you are
  9. will take the front bumper if its still going? pm'ed
  10. cheers for the reply i will test again when im back at the garage hopefully soon! still trying to work out why the cars idle sticks at 2000rpm when driving, sounds like im looking for an air leak then,
  11. 412 Cannot control RPM during KOER high RPM check 116 ECT sensor out of self test range 0.3 to 3.7 volts 538 Insufficient RPM change during KOER Dynamic Response Test/Invalid cylinder balance test due to throttle movement during test 521 Power steering pressure switch (PSPS) not activated during self test now i have been looking for a new or good used PSPS, will it be a ford only item? if so anyone know a rough price? probably a stupid question but is the ECT buggered? any help would be appreciated!
  12. when setting up broadband in my friends house the speeds received were shocking! to get the speeds up a did the following opened the master socket and micro filtered off that disconnected the bell wires as you need only the blue and white i think? made a custom cable from the micro filter to router <1m for less interference just from doing this i got 1.5meg up to 7
  13. if you have a virgin/cable area get the broadband only package, 6 months half price think its 11.50 no line rental! its the best of both worlds, i have 30meg virgin with sky, any-time is so much faster too!!
  14. had this on my car turned out the loom had split next to the power steering sensor!
  15. dont tell me you have one ive been looking for one since the great sledging accident of 09!
  16. did you manage to sell the car? noticed it on ebay or gumtree. or are you breaking it? cheers
  17. the power steering connector or the full loom? either way how much posted?
  18. id like to say no but all im after is a small bit of loom that connects to the power steering sensor. and my car is the mk6
  19. in my effort to find a picture of the power steering loom and connector i found this, seems alot more pissing about than its worth, http://media2.turbosport.co.uk/2008/6/200806291112455249SELLING%20023.jpg http://media2.turbosport.co.uk/2008/6/2008062911121767489SELLING%20027.jpg
  20. that would be amazing, bear with me on the location tho, its on the drivers side of the car, from the top of the engine its to the left of the inlet manifold and quite a bit down, square type connector with 2 wires! not sure on the colour yet, if you can get to it from underneath it will be a bit easier,
  21. looking for the connector and some loom that connects to the power steering pressure sensor!
  22. anyone a previous or current owner of r28 mda seen it on ebay! looking to get some history if my funds will allow at purchase at the end of the month
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