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  1. i have put a set of mk1.5 angel lights on the front,so i have the indicator working in the headlights,plus on the bumper
  2. i have but not much around,i only thought somebody may know of some,
  3. i am looking for a bodykit and half leather or leather for a focus mk1 or mk1.5,anybody got any,just pm me
  4. http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/21226.jpg http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/21227.jpg not the best pics but i will get better ones
  5. hi all again,yes,i will keep popping on abit,i have a focus hatch and had it a few months,i will get some pics,hope everybody is ok on evo club
  6. hi all,its been a while since i have been on,whats new with everyone???????????//////
  7. hi and welcome to evo,i am only in barry,thxs
  8. which one mate?the oil filters???£8 posted for 2 or the diesel filters??/£10 posted for 4
  9. http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/20264.jpg good mk6 steering wheel airbag for a mk6, http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/20265.jpg diesel oil filters for the turbo diesel engine(1. http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/20266.jpg mk6 electric drivers mirror http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/20267.jpg damaged white clocks for spares and a passenger side escort estate light unit http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/20268.jpg make a offer on these items because these must go,i have 4 diesel filters,the passenger side wishbone for a mk6,brand new(still in wrapper)
  10. i am looking for the above but i would like the walnut one but if the price ok on a black one,i will take it
  11. i will stick to one thats in there now but thxs for the offer,
  12. how much posted mate?? i got it offered so cheap,so i could not turn it down plus also,i know people in the trade
  13. http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/20043.jpg http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/20044.jpg http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/20045.jpg i picked this focus up for next to nothing and what a great car it is,with it been the zetec turbo diesel,it has alloys,front fogs,aircon etc, i will be putting a bodykit on it,leather interior etc,let me know what u think guys
  14. hi mate,have u still got this escort??if yes,when does the tax/mot run out and how much would the bits cost me to get it running great and whats the very lowest for cash would u take???? PM me
  15. i have a 1)brand new headlight 2)white gti wheel 3)airflow for 1.8 escort 4)white clock with needle broke9ideal for spares) there is lots of stuff,i just want them all gone,make a offer and anything u need,just email
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