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  1. when the fuse blows is it black or does it have a hairline crack in the element?
  2. i have got a w reg 2000 year ford escort 1.6 16v zetec, has been fine untill the other day when starting cold the autochoke is not kicking in so it is running juddey for about 30 secs to 1 min untill it warms up any ideas? i have replaced the mass air flow sensor yesterday and it is more reponsive to drive but still having start up problems... cheers Dave
  3. i am sure this has to be pluged into a ford pc, so they can re-program it without that active
  4. if that fails then drill a pilot hole in the center of the bolt then use a easy out!
  5. make sure aerial wire is 2.5cm away from metal work
  6. i solder all the time working on cars and never had a problem so i would say solder and heatshrink all joints
  7. Hi i only post on here when i have time but i just wanted to share my website with you all. have a look and check out some of the videos if you have time. nice and easy fit on a escort! www.laserstar-diffusers.co.uk if a few of you are interested i could do a discount for a group buy PM me if this interests you! many thanks and merry christmas to you all Cheers Dave
  8. the blue wire is a run wire that runs to the clocks which gives 12v when engine is running if there is no power on that wire it will bring on battery light
  9. the blue wire runs to the clocks +12v when engine running
  10. (indercators normally blue/red blue/white) powers (+12v bottom of fuse box red cables) (+12v switched bottom of fuse box or ignition barrel thick black wire) doors (black/red) (Black green) bottom of fuse box! rest is easy
  11. plug under seat, loom chaffing about 3-4 inchs from air bag modual drivers side of dash ) they run the loom very tight next to the metal bar
  12. bowde001

    Alarm Problem

    it sounds like the switch on the back of the lock barrel (drivers door) for the alarm
  13. Hi just a quick post to let you guys know i have some Escort facias and looms on ebay if your interested take a look http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ford-Escort-Fiesta-f...id=p3286.c0.m14 many thanks Dave
  14. put the wiring digram on here so i can have a look
  15. cheers thats what i thought thanks
  16. the oil is around the top of the plugs when there screwed in,
  17. hi just after some help changed my sparkplugs the weekend on my 1.6 16v zetec before i unscrewed them i noticed some oil around a couple of the plugs am i right in thinking this is the (rocker cover/cylinder head cover) gasket gone?? many thanks
  18. disconnect speedo cable in engine bay then pull slack through, then pull back into engine bay once your done...
  19. it will work if you swap every thing over from the old car (looms,motors.)
  20. just replace the relay the coil inside is getting old
  21. its normally the micro switch on the back of the barrel
  22. can't you just go by the gauge?
  23. its is for ford not for a customer but it will tell you mpg
  24. hold down milage reset for 3 sec then turn on ignition with milage reset still pressed in about 2 secs later it will bring up loads of diffrent menus.......
  25. just use led bulbs in foot wells looks bright enough...
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