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  1. Well what a shame it seems like the forum is dead. I've been on here a good few years and back in the day was on 'the mkv register' and both were very happening forums. I guess it's as escorts have had their time now however there must be a fair few of us out there who still like to have a play with them. I've got a bmw m3 nowadays but I also still have a mk6 for my everyday car and I still love doing the little mods to it etc. I guess they're in my blood.
  2. Anyone got one. Doesn't matter if it needs a bit of repair.
  3. All sorted now. Mods can deletr topic if they like. Cheers
  4. Hi mate, yeah i do have the blanking honeycomb like plates. Think of a deal you would like to do and pm me. Would be like a case of each of us posting the parts to one another and i put some money in to.
  5. Lol so for 250 i get the whole car yeah haha. Can you send me a pic of it at all. Where in essex are you?
  6. Has anybody got the above parts please. Other parts i would like are 4 x mk6 door handles in silver, pair of front fog lights, and rear bumper spats also in silver. Anyone help with the above? Cheers.
  7. bump for one time before i bin it lol
  8. Ive got a original zetec (metal not later plastic), rocker cover, very clean, ideal to use for painting etc, £15 posted anyone?
  9. http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i224/keeno123/DSC00115-1.jpg
  10. Excuse the dirtyness of them. No cracks in them, just need small repair maybe on the end where they screw into the body. £15 collected or £25 and i'll meet u at the m25 http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i224/keeno123/DSC00115-1.jpg
  11. Ive got some replica gti skirts if u want, they're smooth ones, no jacking point areas, can post them if wanted.
  12. Got some gti sideskirts that are replica ones, they have no removable jacking points (who needs them if u have a low entry jack anyway), i think they look quite good without any jacking point areas. They've been painted pepper red but it was a rubbish job and you'll want to paint them to match your car anyway. £15 collected anyone? Also, i have a radiator for a 1997 escort, think its meant for a air con model and if i remem correctly without going to check the box its a lucas one. Its ewin its box never been fitted £offers, again due to weight i'd prefer collection. Im in Maldon, Essex Will take pics if people want them if genuinly interested.
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