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  1. Quiet on here these days
  2. Morning. Yep, i still check in every now and then. I see that Sidprick fella still comes on here as well. Hope the gun-toting nutcases are treating you well on the other side of the pond.
  3. Still got the e46 pal. No time or money to sink into anything else atm. Ive basically replaced every one of the main parts in the car. Suspension, cooling system, charging system, belts, pulleys, front wings, gaskets.... the lot, lol. I see youre driving a mustang! Which one have you got?
  4. Just because youre a veggie, doesnt mean you cant look in the butchers window mate. 2nd nipper appeared nearly a year ago. I dont fcuk about.
  5. All good fella. Got two little rugrats running around now. Hows the States? Bet the birds are moist for that accent.
  6. OP...what are you doing about it? Typical gravy train attitude.
  7. Thought it was going to be about a new Dacia Sandero! Congratulations mate, ive got 2 now, its the best thing youll ever do in your life. Will be hard at first but theyre the best thing ever.
  8. Anyone else's turned up yet? Getting desperate now.
  9. Tuco http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31791.jpg
  10. http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31779.jpg
  11. I bet the welds will last 2 minutes on the TB aluminium housing.
  12. Possibly the worst mod ive ever seen.
  13. I think we've hit a point where the period that produced what would now be classic cars was a bit sh!t and uninspiring. There are one or two exceptions (1st/2nd generation Impreza WRX's and to a certain extent - if youre a bender - the MX5), but If the late 90s/early 00's had a colour, it would be beige.
  14. Who was on it? Cant stand Froch but fair play, one of the best knockout pucnhes ive ever seen.
  15. Cheers. Anybody used this lot before...? http://www.carpartcouriers.co.uk
  16. Im want to arrange for some front wings to be collected and delivered for me, any recommendations for a courier? Ive used parcelmonkey and parcel2go for tyres and other minor stuff before but dont want to risk any damage, so is there anybody out there who might specialise in panelwork?
  17. http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31702.jpg
  18. Mark 3 S2 RS Turbo all day long. http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31685.jpg
  19. I remember your RS, lovely car. Had kahn rsr's on it iirc?
  20. http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31671.jpg
  21. Poor old Bob http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/31670.jpg
  22. Didnt even know you still came on here, haha.
  23. Dont think so, ill try and dig the thread out. edit: here... http://www.escortevolution.co.uk/forums/topic/82595-mk6-to-mk5-cossie-rep/page-52?hl=escort
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