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  1. Hello Wayne, I received the parts, but I sent you a PM... please take a look.
  2. Hello! Will a Galaxy (~1995) steering wheel fit Escort mk6? (both with airbag) http://www.fordfan.de/fotosgallery/ford-galaxy_48/images/1994FordGalaxyGhiaInterior..jpg I'm asking this because it's also a hexagon Steering Wheel, the centre looks very similar compared to the standard Escort wheel. Thanks.
  3. item has been posted, but as I keep telling you - I don't have a tracking number - just a postage receipt Hi Wayne, good news: I already received the package. It's great, many thanks! I sent you another PM, plz check it again
  4. Hi Wayne, any news? I sent you a PM
  5. plasma dials have sold Yes I can send you just the indicators but it will be same price as the shells will be of no use to me then I sent you a PM
  6. Hello mate, I already have a pair of new morette indicators shells, please could you send to me just the indicators lights??? also, is the plasma dials working perfect?
  7. Hi mate, this steering wheel I have on my car is also rare here, because it was just lauched on the last escorts. I found a front airbag picture from a wooden steering wheel and here is the picture to compare to mine. They seems to be the same, so I think if I just buy the ROTARY COUPLING will fit ok with the airbag one I have with ford badge? http://i701.photobucket.com/albums/ww12/Exceedraft/ML/Untitled-12.jpg
  8. Hi mate, no problem, I respect your opinion! These "wooden" accessories are unique here, that's why I like them! I want something different.
  9. hey guys, this is my airbag steering wheel: http://i701.photobucket.com/albums/ww12/Exceedraft/Escort%20Ghia-X%20Restoration/mycar.jpg do you think is it the same from fiesta mk4? the problem seems to be just that my "clock spring" does not fit on the wooden steering wheel. the question is: if I buy just the "UK spec" clock spring will it work OK with my airbag?
  10. EDIT: I think this photo should explain all: http://i701.photobucket.com/albums/ww12/Exceedraft/ML/escortring.jpg the number two is exactly like the one from my car... the number one is the one fixed with bolts..., so will it fit on that wood steering wheel?
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