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    Driving, Driving and Driving!<br />Drum & Bass, Jungle<br />DJing...<br />Raving<br />Mixed Martial Arts<br />UFC<br />MMA<br />Kickboxing<br />Keep fit/Weight lifting/Cross fit<br />Motorsports (F1, WRC, BTCC, WSB, Moto GP etc)

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  1. Location is Paddock Wood, Kent Price £50 posted or £40 collected.
  2. Cheers mate. We have now installed the calculator on our old office computer so shouldn't need to bother you guys for codes any longer. Thanks to all who have sorted me out over the last month or so. Happy New Year
  3. M001698 and M019002 anyone? Merry Christmas & Happy New year!
  4. Thanks @Hench Windows 8 sucks...I still can't download the calculator.
  5. Love the wheels...but not on the car! Cosworths FTW
  6. I had my worst finish! Was winning basically all year....gutted. Haha. Good work Trig. ...to last?
  7. sb187_tom@hotmail.com If someone could see get the codes for these today, that would be great.
  8. No luck uploading the calculator! Could someone please de-code these 3 radios? M001698 M139784 M043351 Much appreciated!
  9. Not looking good. Only 1 of my team still running (Kimi). Hamilton got taken out, Perez was out early and Grosjean drove off the track. Lol.
  10. What a race so far! 6 laps remaining!
  11. Looks like our little league has also gone to the last race to decide a winner! Going to be a close one between myself (Team Junglist 10196) and Stephen (The Rusty Arrow 10033) I think Yule is just a little too far back to win now with 9542. He needs 654 points to tie (and that's if Stephen or I don't score any points which is highly unlikely). Vettel vs Alsono....Junglist vs Rusty Arrows
  12. Yea I agree...I liked the fact it was a wide track so loads of over-taking. Its a great circuit to race on the new F1 game!
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