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  • Birthday 02/27/1987

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    MK6 Escort Cabriolet

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    Driving, Driving and Driving!<br />Drum & Bass, Jungle<br />DJing...<br />Raving<br />Mixed Martial Arts<br />UFC<br />MMA<br />Kickboxing<br />Keep fit/Weight lifting/Cross fit<br />Motorsports (F1, WRC, BTCC, WSB, Moto GP etc)

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TC-DNB's Feedback

  1. minirotty left Positive feedback   

    Purchased a bonnet, nice bloke, cheers!!!!!!

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  2. Yule left Positive feedback   

    Purchased a certain juice green cabby, no skeletons & top bloke. Thank you sir

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  3. Ad16v left Positive feedback   

    Great seller as always! Cheers mate!

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  4. JC left Positive feedback   

    Top seller, really helpful, recomend to all! many thanks!

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  5. PeeWee left Positive feedback   

    Top bloke and would always trust in any transactions 100% always a good buyer A+++++++++++++

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  6. Ad16v left Positive feedback   

    Really nice guy, couldnt ask for a better seller! Thanks a lot!

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  7. jaykaddz left Positive feedback   

    Bought Chrome Caps, Fast Payment, Good contact Cheers :-)

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  8. heavyrightfoot left Positive feedback   

    Top bloke, cheers Tommy

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  9. stEVO-Cabby left Positive feedback   

    Sold me a Laguna front splitter - great price and hand delivered ! :) Cheers Tommy

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  10. heavyrightfoot left Positive feedback   

    Sold Tommy a rear axle - top bloke

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  11. Frazer_d left Positive feedback   

    Good com, fast delivery, good price,will use again, spot on.

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  12. PeeWee left Positive feedback   

    Sold to again, great to meet you, fast payment & exellent communication throughout A++++++++++++++++++

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  13. lee grout left Positive feedback   

    Fantastic help, very good communication. Would happily buy from again.

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  14. PeeWee left Positive feedback   

    Sold a camcorder, perfect fast payment & great communication, recomended.

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  15. dazzler24 left Positive feedback   

    Fast delivery good communication recommended

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  16. 16Vrhys left Positive feedback   

    Bought My Flock Trim , Good Buyer Instant Payment , Many Thanks A+++++ :)

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  17. Frazer_d left Positive feedback   

    Well priced, fast delivery, great packaging. Spot on!

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  18. mickygti left Positive feedback   

    fast payment.thanks

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  19. danj8608 left Positive feedback   

    sold a roof cover to him fast payment pleasure to do business with

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  20. Nadine left Positive feedback   

    great guys cant fault at all. Items wrapped superbly. ty guys mwah

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  21. mexico_16v left Positive feedback   

    Sold to TcDNB, payed via PalPal instantly, all good

    TC-DNB was The Seller

  22. PeeWee left Positive feedback   

    Quick Payment

    TC-DNB was The Seller

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