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  1. weather she drives at 10mph or 100 mph, she is still scared to look left, speed is irrelivent
  2. now i know this is directed towards hayley, and the information given to you by ross is unfortunatly, wrong hayley is fully capable of turning her hear left and right, the problem is looking left, it not that she psyically cant look left, its that shes afraid to look left whilst on long journeys or on motorways her inuries were very real, and had you seen her on the spinal boars for 8 hours with bruised covering 80% of her front torso, then you would know what she was going through at the time
  3. with phil on this one, flatten it off with ply and either box the rear end, or cut and contour the ply
  4. google images > [insert name here] > right click > set as background? but if you mean shes hot - the um.........
  5. use THIS fella, if you have the old MOT cert then enter the number and it'll show you the MOT results from around 2001 (should also be able to verify milage aswell)
  6. theme for firefox? wtf? you dont see much with the internet open anyway?
  7. looks spot on wayne! this coming to fiesta in the park? it is a ford after all!
  8. gumtree. other forumsas dan has said, or just google?>
  9. noooooooo, dark wheels on a pepper red is overkill imo - to much! it dulls the car down
  10. Cheers mate My car or a BMW? pmsl - your car - i did se a sneeky peek at the front in your sig - but that was abiut it! also with sidrick on this one - not topless or in a mankenie
  11. looks a decent bit of kit does that
  12. to fit them to the mk6 sucsessfully youll need to swap the entire front end to a mk5 front, mk5 quads on a mk6 will loom daft imo
  13. i dunno - a fad maybe maybe we sould buy a morris marina?
  14. pah look out block - im next for the WRC title
  15. i asked about the bumpers today - they're both gone the hunt still continues
  16. im also partial to a game of jenga
  17. i read that and it was fantastic
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