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  1. happy belated birthday bigrightfoot. I grew up with a kid with a club foot as well. poor bugger. enjoy regardless.
  2. nobody's arsed, but we get a bank holiday out of it.
  3. hmmm, I've also never heard of these square sausages of which you mentioned? Please elaborate on where you are able to purchase these!!! I ventured into a butcher today and he saideth : 'I know nothing of which of ye sausages they speak - begone'
  4. Carry on up the Khyber mate. what a filum.
  5. I assume you have no arms! nevermind oh yeah, I got arms - two in fact. They came free when I was born - I'm just hopeless at cooking. I've tried grillin', fryin', bbqin' - I just cant cook sausages. I've caused numerous smoke alarms set off in my building and a small fire.
  6. This is a secret shame, but I've never been able to cook a sausage. :(
  7. I'll update in a minute with the MG3/zero work, and then the latest MG5 stuff. Hope you dont mind me filling up your thread? not at all fella! carry on!!! no convertible in the range? I'd love a new Midget.
  8. I've met a few and they're all twats. They seem to act like multi millionaires if they have a chrome bumper model and they're over 60. I've got nothing good to say about the MGOC at all, and to be honest, I'd love to turn up in one just to really pee them off with a convoy playing dance music. Agree that the ZS is amazing fun to drive, I'm looking forward to seeing what the chinese do with the MG mark!
  9. haha! Lee you could ask her mate! Yeah, I venture up and down to see me sis a couple of times a year, she lives in West Sussex. I'll let you know next time I'm going, I could schedule in a pit stop? Aye, one reason I did get rid was cos of how snobby MG owners are!! I had a bit of a prob with the engine spluttering, I pulled into the Co-op and saw an old chap with a chrome bumper MG, and a fellow MG owner sticker. I parked next to him....went over to say hello, he was rude, then I asked 'er...any advice, the cars a bit spluttery....' he wound up the window and ignored me!!! Had great fun with the MG and I would recommend one to anyone. :cheers: If your young and have a rubber bumper model, they hate you. mind you, I got my own back. I was driving to work in mine it was pissing down with rain and saw him conked out by the menai bridge with a newspaper over his head. I pulled over and he ran towards my car, opened the passenger door and started saying 'oh, thanks....' I then pointed, closed the door and shouted 'HAHA!!! YOUR STRANDED!!!' closed the door and drove off. Great feeling of satisfaction..... hows everyone keepin on ere?
  10. yeah man, you keeping well? hows married life? Yeah, good thanks ! Sorry to hear you split with the missus. Nice to hear one of us is! thanks mate appreciate that, though I've worked out that everyone's banging on about petrol costing loads, dump your missus, I've saved a bloody fortune on not taking her to the local hotspots, pili palas, anglesey sea zoo etc.
  11. nah, its a different grill. The previous owner said he wanted a 'subtle' look. But I'll bloody subtle look him if I see him again when I got told today that 'I'd bought a nice driver'. That 87 year old charity worker is still in hospital. It got resprayed about 3 years ago, there was a nice rallye interior included, plus the original GTI one which I've sold on. 127k for £1500. Cant go wrong, though it does need a new clutch. yeah man, you keeping well? hows married life?
  12. yo guys!!! long time no speak!!! Just thought I'd come back to an escort forum and show what I've been driving! until I buy that Ford Cortina... I had this for about a year, 1979 MG Midget. Such a fun car, loved it. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v622/Plipples/45602_10150237119945455_706740454_14235075_4323699_n.jpg however I split with the missus which was the main reason I bought the car cos she liked it, and the fact that MG owner's clubs wont help out at all, I decided to buy this.. 1989 Golf GTI! What fun. I'm £700 up on the Midget, and this things immaculate! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v622/Plipples/P4020331.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v622/Plipples/P4020332.jpg
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