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  1. Ok the clutch is slipping not all the time is there an adjustment to the clutch cable ie reset
  2. Is it digi dials? If so get a set of white dials from a puma or mk5 fiesta they are plug and play
  3. Where the pin is on the hinge you can lift the door up and actually see the movement in the hinge question is can you buy the pins?
  4. Hi can anyone help my drivers door has dropped by about 4mn is there a fix for this?
  5. Hi can anyone help me please got an escort 1.8 na Diesel engine ordered short glow plugs but when I took the old ones out of the engine I found out they were the long type? Anyway I fitted them but it's still rubbish at starting takes 4/5 turns to get going question is does it matter about how long they are as it's only 10 mm difference anyone help please
  6. Has anyone got a 3inch outlet exhaust for sale please
  7. Or if anyone has a 3 inch outlet back box from an escort
  8. Your a bit far mate has to be near coventry
  9. I am after an after market back box for an escort mk 6 van anyone got 1 for sale? Thanks
  10. Does any one have a load sensing valve for an escort 55 van I urgently need one Thanks
  11. no make on it from what i can see mate £25 for the stereo delivered does it include the surround if so i will take it do you take paypal?
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