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  1. I went from my mk5 escort to mk2 fiesta then a cotroen c1 and now my vxr. Best power to wallet ratio imo lol
  2. jesus this place gets deader everytime i stop by! how much are rs2000s going for now? iv joined the dark side and got a astra vxr
  3. There's a reason why there called boy racers and not man racers lol Majority can't finance nodding cars and running a house etc. Obviously a lucky few can but I'd rather have holidays etc I do miss the scene when I was more into it we had some cracking laughs and made some good friends but people have to move on, it's a shame this place hasn't moved on with the times and stayed alive.
  4. Oh you in Yankee land? Get a charger ;-) Yea it killed me but the finance and fuel cost to run the c1 a month came to the same as just the fuel in the fiesta. Pluss it's more reliable and cheap to tax as well. Got to grow up a bit. Got another 2 years of paying it then look g at getting a diesel bimmer. Congrats on the wedding dude, that mean youv grown up like me then? ;-)
  5. Hey Sutton I remember you popping in and out of EVO lol What happened to the audi Sidrick? I'm driving a terribly boring terribly sensible and terribly bland citron c1. Got my harley still tho :-)
  6. Just thought I'd pop by and see if any of the old faces were still here? It appears EVO has died a death? It's a shame was a banging forum when I joined, 3 or 4 pages of new posts a day sometimes. Anyway how are you all. Sidrick and Shawdreamer still doing the rounds? I miss the educated banter and philosophising ;-)
  7. I remember when I first joined and probably next year or two it was always busy on here day and night. went quiet then. like stupidly quiet. was always the same few at shows and meets. its a shame really but who wants an old escort as there first car nowadays because for most of us it was our first or second car.
  8. cheers fellas :-) had a great 12 hour shift at work to celebrate ;-)
  9. Ha ha think this was just before I joined but I still remember all the banter about it. Classic.
  10. Was never one to write an "I'm leaving post" thought I'd give it a year or so and show my face again :-)
  11. awww I'm touched. ;-) not sure may stick around depending on the banter :-) car situation is dire. I still have the .mk2 fez but it's been parked up for 18months :-/ and I'm driving (cringe) a citroen c1 for work lol and I got myself a Harley Davidson for summer :-)
  12. hey sweetheart, missed you ;-)
  13. galaxy s3 imo. friends have all had probs with the iphone 5 and it's a rite ballache having to go to apple shops where u have to book an appointment etc etc. iv known of of no real bother with the s3, it has a bigger screen than the iphone 5 and most apps have been converted to android. hello all, long time no speak ;-)
  14. i imagine itd make no difference to me using a carb as itd dump the same amount of fuel in either way. its like super unleaded, it works on some cars designed for it but not many, just burns hotter.
  15. hes over visiting caz in essex as they see eachother a fair bit.
  16. i speak to lee every now and then yes, whys that?
  17. il be there with stoney caz and lee2f2f on the mug motorsport stand. il be in my fez
  18. special edition called the citrine veryy bright colour they are. wouldnt believe looking at it that its done 158K and i'm adding 500 to it just getting it home as its in scotland. but i know the owner and its well looked after. he just has too manny cars. mk1 mondeo v6, 2 st200, fiesta xr2, subaru imprezza and few more says here your adding 500 to it just getting it home so i assume kniterider thinks your payin 500 to get it home ? this.
  19. there starting to filter into jails now. its amazing how much hasnt been said on the news tho,stuff you find out through people etc. apparently b'ham casino has been looted by a group of samalians for instance, cleaned out!
  20. so your paying a grand for an old high mileage mondeo saloon. okkkkk
  21. looking on the bright side, least i wont be out of work. im sure we were making some spaces for some this morning shame they will live the life f riley
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