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  1. cheers fellas, i was thinking you needed a seperate certifiate to show you as owner of the plate, but obviously not! thanks again
  2. cheers mate, no way i could take the plate off and sell it though as i don't have certificate?
  3. i'm looking at buying a car that has got private plates on it that the seller has said will stay with the car. but he hasn't got the certificate for the plate. ive run a HPI check and all is fine with the car, so will i be ok getting the car with no certificate for the registration? any help please?
  4. yes, it's mine, ive also got an ebay thread about it
  5. now got 2 brand new tyres on front! only problems with car are - very small/slow power steering leak think theres a small crack in centre pipe of exhaust small bits of rust as expected with a car of this age £650 ono, can get more pics if anybody is interested
  6. would you care to correct me then please
  7. thought i read that mk5 wouldn't fit mk6, though now you have said that i'm likely to be wrong lol nevermind
  8. you can use springs from any other zetec engine so 1.6/1.8 you can't use rs2000 springs as the rs2000 engine is heavier so the front end would sit higher up and springs off a mk5 won't fit a mk6
  9. I'm sure it could be modified to fit
  10. don't know if anyone will be interested on here but worth a try, 2002 plate peugeot vivacity with 16k on the clock It has got an Immobiliser and built in chain lock for extra security Derestricted Tax and insurance is really cheap A helmet can be included in sale 9 months MOT & TAX 400 ono Wanting to sell quickly really http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w335/Danny_zetec/f613_1.jpg http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w335/Danny_zetec/ecb8_1.jpg http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w335/Danny_zetec/dea3_1.jpg http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w335/Danny_zetec/014a_1.jpg
  11. I think you have to re-apply after every three years when you are 70 taking an eye test each time!
  12. can you send me some details and pictures of your car mate, cheers!
  13. I saw you was asking about that WRC bumper is that going on the cabby then?
  14. would them springs be fine for a 1.6 mk5b? if so how much posted i need them ASAP
  15. or can anyone tell me where to get some from?
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