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  1. he needs the 3 hole one for front as he has an rs
  2. fekyo

    big shed clearout

    bump. people who have paid for items FAO YOU; im posting them either tomorrow or thursday, thanks.
  3. bttt. make me an offer then
  4. think the courier for 5 alloys is about 25-30 quid mate i will check tomorrow and will get some daytime pics tomorrow 5 of alloys and 5 of tyres for you
  5. fekyo

    big shed clearout

    wat u sayin bout that air filter mate? bump
  6. bump anyone? 75 quid?
  7. I really cant be bothered mate, an to be honest i quite like helpin/giving people on this forum good deals. ive sold an bought stuff here for years now. you are more than welcome to get em chuck us 60 quid and ebay them yourself.
  8. had these sat around a while RS7s 4x unused kuhmos 1x legal on the spare 5 alloys 4 rs center caps quite rare now off s1 rs turbo goin cheap for quick sale same as these, little kerbing. located in south west devon near exeter... ill arrange courier if u want or u can pick up. want them gone so 60 quid. tyres alone cost over 120 and never actually got used! http://www.fastestlaps.com/photos/Ford_Escort_RS_Turbo_S14b64708925d79.jpg actual pics on request there at my mums place
  9. fekyo

    big shed clearout

    airbox intake SOLD ford cd player SOLD 2 x rad pipes w/ sensor PROV SOLD ill take offers on everything....
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