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    mk6 escort td van (modified)

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    wishaw, 15 miles from glasgow
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  1. had a great weekend, motherwell - glentress,newcastleton mtb on saturday. fordfair on sunday. mtb dalbeattie on monday got home at 9.30 pm, cycling, cars, fit chicks in tight shorts, drunk, stoned, cycling. 800 mile round trip........ roll on next year. good to see some faces to put to the posts, hoping to see you lot again at blackpool
  2. thanks, do 20 miles every wed and 11 on sat looking for a mtb centre with proper trails will look at some of the other suggestions as well thanks for your input everyone
  3. have fun, fitted maxxis hi rollers couple of weeks ago, like cycling with flat tyres, will be putting jones xrs back on for the road 50 psi.
  4. lairdie


    demo plays a lot slower, it is a demo burnout was a great racing game with insane crashes. borrow someone elses copy of it. three of my mate borrowed mine they are buying it
  5. lairdie


    if you have played burnout, similar but has explosions.
  6. site isnt working mate, will try again tomorrow. where is it? are you doing it on your own or with some mates? me and two mates are doing one in september. glasgow to edinburgh 51 miles but its on roads, but we are using mountain bikes, we like a handicap, good luck
  7. whats wrong you all fatties that have never been on a bike, somebody must have some suggestions
  8. me and a mate are coming down for fordfair and want to mountain bike, any suggestions. our local is glentress, prefer red routes or maybe a bit of xc
  9. lairdie

    new alloys

    buying new alloys for my van, dont know what will look best any ideas welcome, except black pics would help
  10. not much room left between front and rear seats, ok for occasional use, seats fold forward like an estate car you dont lose any space in the back. diesel tank doesnt fit, car tank doesnt fit. niether does exhaust........ i am a panelbeater, took me 2 years in my sparetime to finish. dont tell your insurance they wouldnt quote because of the seating capacity was changed. had to omit that bit, taking it to fordfair this year
  11. some of us scots cant mountain bike either
  12. lairdie

    Rrod stage 3?

    why bother, mate did the fix worked 2 days, broke again. got elite with 2 games, sold them for £60 xbox elite £120. kept old controller and headset for spares
  13. lairdie

    rock band

    you connectyour wii to the internet, then your game will log in when you start up then you can buy songs from the gamestore, bit limited though, you wont have heard of half of them. you need to buy wii points with credit or debit card to buy the songs
  14. lairdie


    open tailgate, check all your other lights work properly first. take the part out the tailgate and rear panel make sure the wire colours match up pin to plate, you need some electrical knowledge if you want to get anymore involved. electrician would probably sort it in an hour
  15. still good advice if somebody else reads the post you did
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