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  1. Still got this, took it round mallory park last november, done really was happy with it. But once i had it checked over when i got home, it had took some hard abuse. Had to chance most the bushes, all the brakes, both rear wheel bearings and a few other things. Took it again 2 weeks ago and it feels like a diffrent car. Been told clio cup suspension, should be next step with some better tyres. If anyone is thinking about one of these for a track toy, i highly recomend it
  2. Aint been on this forum in a while, but something prompted me today. Was traveling down the a5 past a car garage and could not belive what i seen. The were a k reg mk5 escort convertable up for sale. It was priced at 1150, is it me being out of touch or is this priced very high for a car of that age, and style?
  3. Si just for insurance savings, as said same car really.
  4. I no its a butch image car, but i only use it to mes about in. Got a 06 astra for the family and that, SO not bothered about image
  5. Im going to get them both on 360, just brought resistance to kill the time till they come out.
  6. Brought this the other week, quite nippy and handles well. Going to get some fk coilovers for it in the next couple of weeks. Will get more pics up when the weather gets better dont want to get to cold lol. As always all views welcome http://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd513/dan20111/DSC_0122.jpg
  7. iv saved the link mate speak to u next fri...
  8. thanks will save the ebay link. oh and i assume it comes with a remote controller?
  9. easy mate, if u still have this next friday il have it of you. Aslong as you dont mind me coming to you for help i dont no nothing about it.
  10. Cheers, how hard is it to fit the steering servo, and what else needs doing to get it running?
  11. Oh my days. cant belive people sell, or even buy cars like this any more..
  12. Loks nice, just waiting for someone to say it would look better with gti alloys on it.
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