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  1. m787srj


    http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg270/m787srj/Mobile%20Uploads/Screenshot_20160604-023414.png Picking up a set of these wheels http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg270/m787srj/Mobile%20Uploads/001-5.jpg
  2. m787srj


    Revive of and old post. Update: car has been off road on my parents drive rotting away for a few years now. In the last 2 years a baby has came along and the pride and joy got pushed to one side as funds were low. But things are on the up. So I've set a date to get married and the xr is going to be the wedding car. I have until end of Feb 2017 to sort out any chassis rust underneath. I have just purchased a cossie arch kit but I'm going to widen the standard bumpers to match. Also collect a set of 18" escort cosworth replica wheels next Saturday. Hopefully thro project should be completed in time.
  3. Never heard of them. Can't find them either
  4. m787srj


    I'm a painter/fabricator so cheap kit is fine as I'll make the kit fit and line up, then make a decent mould.
  5. I remember a few years ago you could get lots for the escort. Now I can't find anything. I'm looking for a quick shift for my escort xr3i with mtx75 box. Anyone know where I can buy one?
  6. m787srj


    Abit pricey. Looking at a cheaper kit really as was going to make my own moulds
  7. m787srj


    Anyone know where I can buy an escort cosworth replica body kit for a mk5. Just want the arches? Many thanks
  8. m787srj


    Thanks for the replies. I will be taking a look at that site today thanks for the link. Rust has eaten through the chassis legs at the rear so I will be replacing boot floor and looking to make a independent suspension setup. Think I need an outer sill too. But she'll be ready for summer 2015. Looking to change the wheel too to cossie ones or something concaved.
  9. m787srj


    Thanks Thinking focus mk1 rs engine. Need to find out more info one it first.
  10. m787srj


    Not been on here for a while. Been driving my mk5 now for a few years now. Think its time for an engine upgrade and a revamp of the exterior. Remove the rust underneath and get her back to her glory days. http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg270/m787srj/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_188652576291612.jpeg
  11. m787srj

    no power

    got a brand new fuse box from ford. problem now is i have power and car now starts but i have no headlights, indicators or wipers. anyone no what might be causing this. everything changed over all new fuses. old relays and all connectors are pushed in correctly i will double check all this in the morning. any info is a great help. thanks for previous feedback.
  12. whats it for? escort xr3i mk5 whats it for? escort xr3i mk5 sorry i'm looking for a fuse box for a mk5 code ending in BBD
  13. as title says need fuse box code ending in BBD. looking for two one as a back up
  14. why would you need an uprated fuel pump? escort is coming off rd next yr in Feb for under body work to be done and engine tune up. cams etc. just wanted to know what to get as mine has gone and want to no what will fit. I've found a ggr pump gone
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