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  • Birthday 11/30/1973

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    Ash Black 5 door LX GTI Rep

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    Lichfield. Shire of Stafford
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    my daughter, footy (toon army),escorts (ford,not the lady variety), beer, and in that order! LOL

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  1. DJ

    JC's Escort

    helllllo stranger, cars looking mint matey. must meet up again soon,ive been off the scene for farrrrrr toooooo long
  2. cheers peewee, i would have a had a quick search but had to go out its my mates cabby so will get him to have a read through and will tell him about the cabby site, looks good.
  3. my mates mk5 cabbys roof isnt working, hes tested the circuitry and alls well he thinks,he needs to know where the relay fuse is and what it looks like. thanks for any help
  4. currently organising a different one but should be able to make this one aswell
  5. DJ

    mondeo alloys

    have you got any close ups of the damage/scuffs? cheers.
  6. here mate.... http://www.domedbadge.co.uk/ you can make almost anything, its ace
  7. bloody nora.... you get everywhere Tink cheers mate i like to get around lol pm me your mobile number matey cos i saw a lovely GTI the other day for £500, its gone now but if i see another i will txt ya
  8. bloody nora.... you get everywhere Tink cheers mate
  9. done a couple of cosmetic bits today which were annoying me. firstly there was this horrible black strip between the front and rear doors which was faded and stretching........ not a nice sight i took a bit of a gamble as i didnt know what lay underneath so out came the hairdryer http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj119/djdane73/P270710_1812.jpg http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj119/djdane73/P270710_1812_01.jpg luckily enough after a lot of elbow grease i revealed the following http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj119/djdane73/P270710_1925.jpg well happy with that. decided i had to tidy up the alloys and centre caps as the badges had peeled bad and i had 2 newer alloys to fit http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj119/djdane73/P270710_1952.jpg http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj119/djdane73/P270710_1953.jpg looks a lot tidier now
  10. that would have saved me about an hour hope youve been able to sort something
  11. cheers buddy, ive passed you numbers on to Glenn for you. hopefully there will be a bit of work there if needed
  12. (((((((((((((( DEAN ))))))))))))))
  13. Kev has just mentioned him on another site, just waiting to see if he replies. unless you got his number Wayne and give him a nudge for me
  14. ive got a mate in Tamworth who is looking for someone with a recovery truck or who is self employed. not sure exactly what he needs but he breaks cars and just got a unit to work from so i think he will be looking for someone to collect and delivery cars for him. if you know of anyone can you pm me or for those that have my number send me a text
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