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  1. on the picture of the speedo, the little pictures shows 4 doors are open, 2 front and 2 back, when this only has 2 doors, why ?
  2. as per title looking for a hard drive camcorder or a high def one, or one that has both specs looking to pay around £200 can be second hand thanks
  3. ill have it off you if you post and take paypal
  4. BUMP £100 POSTED, OR COLLECTED need this gone by the weekend, need to buy my new tv all offers accepted
  5. newbie_escort

    home amp

    looking for a amp, anything up to around £30 any make and anything considered let me know
  6. right im now willing to accept collection. the reason i didnt want to before, is because i have no sercurity that someone will turn up, so collection is avalible with a £50 deposit and the rest of the balance to be paid in cash when collected (£100)
  7. there is sainity on evo after all. well said that man
  8. i didnt think i would get this much fcuking stick over selling a tv, so next time you order anything off the internet, say jesus dont send it in the post. ill come and pick it up. some poeple on here i swear are on fcuking crack can you close this thread please, i shall advertise elsewhere
  9. if you think like that then, you should never buy anything of the internet then, o and a nice picture of it working and freeview on http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/15278.jpg
  10. you dont have no dish with virgin media mate
  11. we ordered it last night mate, and what does that mean ?
  12. so basically i got charged an extra £30 for making the order on the phone,
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