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    very nice 3dr gti

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    gilfach goch s.wales
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    my wife and my gti in that order

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  1. Looking fantastic Marc shame nobody seems to be on here now to appreciate what your doing
  2. Just thought i'd give a little update on my car as I haven't been on here for such a long time. Nothing major been done apart from a rear brake refurb and new rear bearings,im thinking of taking the head off this year and maybe have it polished and ported not sure what sort of power increase this will give me, but due to a few cooling problems at ford fair last year I think the head gasket might be failing .Here's a few pics I took in July last year
  3. Would love to have a spare room full of escort parts like that quite an aladdins cave you got going on there,
  4. Great pic Dale looks stunning mate.
  5. Enjoying the little snippets your giving us,please keep them coming cus theres not a lot else happening on here.
  6. Im still hanging in here as well lol desperate for anybody to post something interesting about their escort.
  7. Lets hope so scottybo we need something new to keep what little interest there is in this site alive.
  8. A minute more like a couple of weeks lol
  9. It's all looking a bit scary to me, but i'm sure you know what your doing, great to see an escort getting so much love and attention keep the updates coming.
  10. Met scottybo and i'm sorry if I seemed a bit off but I was suffering the mother of all hangovers after a night on the pee with the ford club boys and Dale Collis,spent the first couple of hours trying to sleep it off lol
  11. You must have a very understanding wife filling your spare room with escort parts lol, is the car gonna be ready for ford fair?
  12. I'm going with ford club and Dale Collis, shame this club isn't going this year because I've gone with evo last 3 years and really enjoyed the day.
  13. tomsy


    Anything turned up Mex
  14. tomsy


    Anyone got an ariel knocking about for a mk6 they can post to me, don't need the roof mounting just the ariel thanks in advance Tomsy
  15. Lovely looking motor why's it taken you so long to find escort evolution ?
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