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  1. Barry-334

    Laptop Problems

    can't be the auto-reboot, as it doesn't restart, just shuts down. but if it is the high temperature, how come it has only started doing it? had a look at the fan last night, and there was no build up of dust etc on the inside. although there was a lot of copper inside the machine, which was getting warm. didn't realised they used copper components!
  2. Barry-334

    Laptop Problems

    used to use in either on my lap, or on the bed. When I first realised it was getting hot, I started using it sat at a desk, so it can be properly ventilated. but still have the same problem...
  3. Barry-334

    Laptop Problems

    Me again... having a problem with my laptop (Acer Aspire with Vista Home Basic). Without warning, while in the middle of something, it'll just shut down. No error messages, no pass go and collect £200, just off. Also seems to be quite hot underneath. Try and reboot, and shuts down again. eventually got it to restart, but because of the previous failed attempts to restart, it goes into "recovery mode" searching for errors. Not sure if the heat thing is related. wondered whether it has a built-in shut down if it gets too hot, but haven't been using it extensively. (half an hour or so at a time). I have opened the rear cover and checked the fan. It comes on when you boot up and then goes off. it does kick back in when you run any applications, so assume this is normal. any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  4. my mate had one of these. (admittedly, he bought it for his dad, who'd always wanted one) his had running probs, turned out the CATs were knackered. Fitted a de-cat pipe and it went like the proverbial! (smoked a bit for the first few miles!)
  5. cheers for the suggestions. managed to play around with the ownership settings of the folders, and got to a point whre it would let me copy them onto my laptop. once i did that, it automatically let me access each file. Happy days!
  6. relentless is the 1 for me. but only the original flavour. not keen on the others. don't "feel" any effects from it, but certainly makes me faster on the mountain bike!
  7. thanks for the reply. will have a look when I get home. the PC is XP, the Laptop is Vista. I have been able to retrieve a couple of photos which I needed, but could only do it 1 file at a time! Need to retrieve the rest, but didn't want to do hundreds of files, 1 at a time!
  8. situation: the power unit has exploded in my pc. its an old computer and was looking to replace it anyway. not wanting to spend money on an out-dated computer, I was looking at ways to retrieve my files/pics etc from the hard-drive. i have tried plugging my hard-drive into another pc as a primary and a secondary, but it wouldn't boot either way round. connected the hard-drive to my laptop using a portable hard-drive enclosure. this allowed me to view the folders etc but cannot open the files due to "authority" issues. not sure what this means, apart from not being able to retrieve my files. strangely I can access my Mrs' files, but not mine. is it because my user login for win XP was administrator, whereas her's is just user?? Only other option I haven't tried is to use the power unit from another PC, so i can boot mine up and either remove login passwords, or copy all files onto dvd. If this doesn't work, does anyone haveany suggestions...? Cheers.
  9. Barry-334

    kitted estate

    just seen the Pug, looks nice in the flesh, sounds quite good aswell. He does work for Allparts, as he has just delivered parts to our office in it!
  10. loads of pics caz!! looks like an awesome show. unfortunately, it clashed with the Renault World Series weekend at Silverstone, will have to check it out next year.
  11. is there any adjustment on the hinges on the front door...? does the rear door need adjusting, to make more room for the front door...?
  12. Barry-334


    cheers for the replies guys. will have a butchers when I get home.
  13. Barry-334


    have tried downloading torrents, but must be doing something wrong. have tried different sites, found the "file" I want, but when I download it, I end up with a small file (couple of kb) which downloads in a second or 2. question is, what do I need to do, to download movies (or whatever )????
  14. we went to beauliea a couple of months ago, and saw a collectiotion of Top Gear cars around the back of the main buidling covered in taurp-halin! the amphibious cars, limos, reliant shuttle etc. also my tickets mean i can go back for free within 12 months!
  15. got mine from ebay. no problems at all, and look nicer too!
  16. that focus was on ebay a while ago!
  17. Barry-334

    Escort Mk5b

    spotted this today, in tesco carpark in Exeter. Not sure exactly what class of racing it's used for, or engine it's got etc, but looks like a lot of fun! http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm10/Barry-334/Image002-1.jpg http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm10/Barry-334/Image003-1.jpg
  18. I'll probably go, altho traffic into weston on august bank holiday weekend....
  19. I like the aubergine as well.... also like pepper red and panther black.
  20. same one I use. be a good idea to make it a sticky so all users have access to it.
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