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    Escort 1.6 Zetec 1997

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    I love cars, Music and Folk Art including street art!!!<br /><br />HappyDays!!!

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  1. Saloon because they look way better as I'm plaining on buying a VW Jetta, but if I can find a 2L Escort Saloon or an Orion than I mite changed my mind!!
  2. Hey have theses been sold yet?? I'm in Newport and can come and pick them if the are still for sale?
  3. Any one got one on here then??
  4. Has any one got one and if you have a rear bumper to I mite be interested??? I'm based in Newport Wales!!
  5. Would one from a mk5 XR3i work as I have a mate who's braking one??
  6. I just wanna close the gap between the wheels and the arches really so 40mm sounds ok I guess..
  7. Well guys I'm planing on lowering my car but I'm not sure on how low I should go? As where I live the roads are really crap with pots holes every where well like most places these days I guess and as some of you guys know my Uni has the most crapist speed bumps ever see on earth lol! I was thinking of lowering by 20mm or 25mm but after reading posts from a while back some people were saying there wasnt any point in lowering to 20mm as you dont notices ant thing at all, is this true or is lowering to 35mm best thing to do?
  8. As above really, I'm really hoping I can still find a front bumper with fogs in. I need the a rear bumper as some gay chav bum rape my car and now my rear bumper looks totally up !!!
  9. Hey dude did you get it from Sextons in Trow??
  10. Trowbrigde?? I mite be interested as I'm heading home week Friday over in Chippenham. Be good to see the pics mate!!!
  11. I wasnt to sure if I got it dark enough... But I'm happy your ok with them...
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