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  1. The pro way to do blow ins and spot repairs is to use FADE OUT thinners as this fades the edges of the new repair and helps blend it in to the existing paint and the same with the lacquer. To be honest the price of fade out thinners is really expensive !! and unless you have used it before can be tricky. Really needs 2 guns on the go at the same time , 1 to paint and 1 to ring it with fade out. Plastics seem a lot more daunting than it actually is , i have had no isssues with peeling or flaking and i normally use scotchbrite pads to key the surface then prime and DONT flat it just build the base colour up in light coats. The base coats can be flatted if needed and then lacquered. Plasticiser can be added to all coats , expensive , better off using a decent primer like PPG or Sikkens.
  2. Try some G3 cutting compound polish and a buffing wheel mounted on your drill to remove the scratches. Worked well in the past for me on amps.
  3. If you are still unsure on the colour and want some paint , take a trip into Luton to Eurocolour just beside Jct 11 M1 and have the colour and shade matched for a better result. Its a free service and they can do aerosol filling to suit your needs.
  4. After 20+ years of building sound systems I am nearly def ! And me MK1 Escort N/A cos screaming its tits off dont help
  5. I do too ,my only worry is what will happen to silverstone now, will it be a bit part of the motorsport scene now and fall into decline without the F1 cash Silverstone is doing a booming trade with the UK D1 drift championship and its getting more popular with every month. Drifting is probably the cheapest way into a form of motorsport at entry level and has a massive following , reckon due to all the jap crap in the uk. Long may silverstone survive.
  6. Try EUROCOLOUR , pretty big outfit and seem pretty reasonably priced. If you are going with a matt paint you should look into some matt lacquer too as the matt base coat is pourous. I recently did a scooby in matt black and used CORRAFAST paint from EUROCOLOUR , it was really nice to spray and quick drying times too , worked out at 18 quid a litre.
  7. Im not too clued up on the bit you are describing , but if its anything like the effect on the VIBE bass box - that type of finish can be created by adding a few components to normal lacquer. If you have a look at some of the Vibe bass box's and let me know which style of crackle you need to match and i will give you the info you need.
  8. RS components have always came up trumps when i need any bits. They carry so much stock its unreal.
  9. Let me know what you want for it mate. What method do you wish to be paid by ? Cheers 98 van 75 mdl
  10. Hi , im looking for the center consul unit that runs from just under the ashtray and go's all the way to the rear of the handbrake but must have the flip open storage bit so i can hide all my audio controllers !!! I have seen it in a few MK6's but dont know if the MK5 is the same - anybody got any pointers. Colour immaterial but needs to be good condition.
  11. do you happen to have the center console with the flip up holder behind the handbrake ? Looking for 1 to mount my bass controller in. cheers
  12. Any idea on the kind of paint , household , car ? Is it rubbed in or sitting on top of the fabric ? Might sound daft but theres a huge difference in the paint and different methods to remove. Try 1pukkadeal as he must have come across this at some stage/
  13. I will be removing some of my audio from my brothers car as he is selling it and i hate AV in the car !! I have a Rockford Fostgate 5.1 digi surround sound processor complete with dash mount controller. A very tasty bit of kit , i have owned it since new and has the centre channel set up built in. I am looking to swap for a set of 17" rims or open to serious offers. I have various other bits of audio coming out of the car and all will be for sale or swap for tart up bits for my van : 1 x 6 ch amp made by STEG !!! , 2 x 8" subs made by CERWIN VEGA , 1 x 12" sub made by MTX. I also have 2 brand new 6" Panasonic subwoofers , in their original packaging , 60 w nominal RMS and 4 ohm - open to offers. I will have pics in the next few days for all interested parties. Will be quite busy in the next few days ( Classic Ford sunday and got to get the car ready ) so a text or call might get a quicker response. 07904 726550
  14. hi , i have never used this particular type of set up nor do i know anybody who has , sorry. From the info and what i can see i would not recommend it due to the fact that the gun has no adjustments for flow , fan or pressure but the pressure might be adjustable via the compressor. Look at item 000510090 for an ideal gun , it has flow , fan and pressure so ideal. I think i have 2 or 3 of this compressor knocking about in my lock up ( item 000112076 ) they are ideal to go with the gun and will be capable of doing bonnets and big items and at a push a whole car if you take your time !! Give me the weekend to check and if you want i can send you some pics of the compressors. If i have them i would say roughly 60 quid or do a deal on a fog light front bumper or gti rims. Hope this helps.
  15. Depends on if you want to run a seperate compressor and gun or an all in one unit like the Earlex. For spli units have a look at Machine Mart - most of their spray guns are Clarke - middle of range build quality but very good value for money. I would get my compressor from there and then look at getting my gun from Eurocolour - Devilbiss finishline will be ideal. Do not be tempted to by a GTi Devilbiss as they need industrial compressors to feed them with air. Look at getting a set up with a 1.4 tip maximum as this will suit all your needs , ideally suited for base , lacquer and filler primer. Preferably buy a gravity fed rather than suction fed as they tend to atomise the paint easier. The all in one Earlex set up is pukka and i have used this numerous time with almost bodyshop quality and at approx 80 quid seems a really good alternative to a split set up and you have the bonus of being able to do all your household painting too !!! Need any more info just ask.
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