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  1. Sorry for digging up an old thread. Long shot but I don't suppose you would still have the rs foglights? Tried to send a pm but it said user cannot receive any new PM's.
  2. Right been clearing out my late grandfathers house and found 3 brand spanking new ford alternators in the garage. He worked for ford so we keep on finding bits and pieces. I'm fairly sure there from a mk1 fiesta but need to know. Part numbers are: 81AB10300NA 81AB10300BA 81AB1300RA Anyone working for ford and able to verify? Cheers
  3. Managed to remove all the stickoflex and filler too? Should be slightly easier than removing the spoiler. xD
  4. intrested in this. just need to work out a few things first as I'm coming up north on sunday.
  5. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/escort-mk-7-conv...317547261526566 cabby being broken with an rs acc kit on it. maybe worth a message. Or if your willing to do some repair workl I can have a word with a mate who has one (though it does have a crack that would need some filler and sanding)
  6. Nope the rear axle is different on the estate to that of the hatch and saloon.
  7. Did you blend your spats into the bumper? Looking at blending mine in at some point but not sure if it will look right.
  8. Ah, so you got moneypit. Got any plans for it?
  9. Are there any OEM HID vehicles on the road? If so would they need a washer retro-fit? OEM HID cars have washers and autolevellers anyway AFAIK. Peewee you may get away with your airbag, how is your average garage going to know if an airbag was or was not fitted as standard to an early nineties car? They have a computer that tells them? You could just BS them that airbags were only options back then... However, your boss being safer than an airbag...im not so sure It collapses on impact, there are many cases of evidence that an airbag won't deploy on an Escort. Also my cab is not early nineties. 1998. Did any mk6 Escorts come without an Airbag as standard? I doubt it. Cheers etrebus that makes more sense now. No unfortunately from the 1994 model year drivers airbag was standard on all model escorts.
  10. Deposit sent. It's my estate that's Cayman blue unfortunately.
  11. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-ESCORT-XR3I...=item45ff6e1a1c K975NGL Was Mutleys, Then Del's then Mattsi's car. So it's got plenty of EVo history.
  12. On one of the other videos tacho - cougar , check panel - mondeo, trip computer - mondeo And the starting video looks like it's just a nicely modified interior.
  13. It's the same as a mk5/mk5b passenger side handle.
  14. Yeah we had one a in the family a while back, ours was Radiant Red and looked shite with plastic bumpers. Seen a few been home sprayed to try and improve the looks.
  15. The mk6 mexico was a limited run in 1995 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the London to Mexico World Cup Rally escort win. The cars where basicly an LX model with with a 90ps [89hp] 1.6 Zetec [Zeta] Engine, 14" star 5 spoke alloy wheels, White dials, 3 spoke steering wheel, Interior finished in Minstrel Flow trim and un-colour coded fogged bumpers. From the sounds of it yours would probably be finished Ash Black paint colour
  16. Cool cool a fellow estate owner. Really like the look of yours.
  17. I thought 'OO' is just the cars original memory tag meaning it was first registered in Essex?
  18. If you've got the later spec mk3.5 'Wingback' RS1800 seats then they'll fit straight in. If you've got the earlier spec mk3 Recaro seats then you'll need to swap the sub frames over for later spec ones.
  19. My estate has 142k miles on it from new and still going strong.
  20. Where abouts are you in rochford mate?? i am warwick drive I'm up in Rutland Gardens, by the golden cross.
  21. looks like they'll be coming back to just down the road from me.
  22. These are the RS Acc ones http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g252/Zeke_Hao_Asakura/For%20Sale/Kodak129.jpg http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g252/Zeke_Hao_Asakura/For%20Sale/Kodak128.jpg I sold them to stevmo, there from a cabby so will need a little tweaking to get them fitting A1 and they might need spraying as well cos there not pepper red IIRC
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