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  1. Thank you mate I've been looking for this for a couple of days now
  2. I read on here about two months ago about a zetec turbo conversion being do by stu down at grove garage. I am looking at doing this conversion on my mk4 cab but cant seem to find the thread. If someone knows where the thread is could the point me in the right direction. Thanks
  3. Its a shame as it was a good looking project.
  4. It's got the 1.6cvh xr3i lump in there at the moment, but looking to put a turbo lump in it next year. Some people say go zetec turbo but I just can't decide. I kinda like to have a engine from the era of the car, but who knows I might get persuaded to go zetec.
  5. Thanks mate, I'm planning on putting a fiesta turbo engine in after the new year. Also going to get a cosworth 4x4 bonnet and sink the grills in the mk4 bonnet and that's about it. I've also got st170 breaks to go on.
  6. Go Morning been years since I've been on here last time I had a mk6 escort. I've just got myself another escort and its a beauty. Just had a full re paint in magenta and looks stunning. I got the car with a misfire problem that we are sorting out on Sunday so hopefully it will go to get MOT on Monday and be on the roadhttp://i64.tinypic.com/2njwp34.jpg
  7. Hi all not been on here for years but as I'm looking at getting another escort to zetec turbo. But was wondering did that silver mk5 orion every get built think it was going to be 4x4
  8. Hi I am looking for a escort gti 3dr must have mot and not a million miles from Essex. Thanks
  9. Haha that's what my mate said lol. It just looks a bit bodged the last owner has just connected the cone a left it in the open air box
  10. Thanks mate it was hard getting one in the colour I wanted because as soon as they went on ebay or autotrader they were going fast. Looked on gumtree and the first car I done checks on flagged up as stolen so I didn't bother with gumtree. The car I got come on ebay at 7.30pm and by 8am was mine . its pretty straight car the only thing I dont like is the k&n cone as its a bit loud other then that all good
  11. Thanks for all the replys, I took the plug and got another ford well I got two lol. got the misses a 2012 ford fiesta titanium with full leater sony dab radia, auto lights and wipers she loves it. Then got myself a 03 st170 got 86000 ish on the clock and picked that up for £1600 thought that wasn't a bad price.
  12. Hi I am going to be getting into another ford, it's a focus st170 the only problem is there is no service history with the car. I have gone on vosa web site and looked at all the previous MOT's and done a car check on autotrader and all has come back ok. How would I be able to track down any service history of the car if that's possible Thanks
  13. I went for the A4 took a test drive and boy did it move Its got a brand new turbo new cam belt both big jobs, got £500 for my mondeo lol as px. just got to wait till the mondeo is back from the body shop this week as its being fixed after some t*at hit it and done a runner. silly boy lol Ive got 4 inderpendent witnesses who gave me his number plate 3-6 points coming your way lol
  14. Ive managed to get the price of the Audi down, and the only thing putting me off the BMW is the mileage its got 140000. What would be more reliable ? Ive never had a BMW or Audi
  15. Hi i am going to buy a new car tomorrow but I'm torn between two cars 1. Audi A4 1.8t se 2. Bmw 318ci coupe Audi A4 bmw if anyone has owned any of these cars could they let me know if there any good thanks
  16. Wicked thanks for the advice hicksy done me a right favor By the way that was a nice mondeo you had how come you got rid of it.
  17. That is the exact look im looking for, does it matter what year zetec s i get the bumpers and side skirts from.
  18. I found a post on the talk ford site talking about the bumper swap and like you guys say to get the st look is going to be hard work. I'm gonna go with the zetec s look. Been looking on ebay and gumtree and cant believe the prices of these bumpers . Some people are looking for £££ just for the front bumper some even needing repair work done
  19. Hi i know that this is a escort forum, but i know that there are people on here that know there stuff. I did use to have an escort but that died and is now in rusty car heaven . Since then i had quite a few motors but have now had to settle with a 2001 mk3 mondeo. Ive started to do it up to look like an st220. Anyway the question that i have is would bumpers from a 2007-2011 mondeo fit my 2001 mondeo Ive been looking for bumpers but the prices for them can be expensive and Ive managed to find a front bumper in my price range. Any help on this would be great
  20. Benny

    Mondeo mk3

    That's a nice mondeo that's the look I want to get for my mondeo. How much did you lower the car? And did it effect the ride
  21. Benny

    Mondeo mk3

    Cool thanks for the help so all the zetec s bumpers and rear lights with the chrome round the bottom should fit. I've got a 2001 mondeo what year could I go up to I.e 2005 ??
  22. Benny

    Mondeo mk3

    Hi I have got a 2001 mondeo Lx what I want to do is put zetec s bumpers on from a later model. Are all the body parts I.e bumpers lights doors all the same or do they change in later models. Any help on this would be great Thanks
  23. Ive had the car look at by a mazda and they have said that it has had the clutch replaced with a heavey duty clucth with stiffer springs in the pressure plate not quit sure if he was just talking bull.
  24. Hi Ive not been on here for ages been working to hard, Ive had to get rid of my escort as it was just not worth fixing it any more . Ive now got a mazda 6 on a 05 plate but having a bit of trouble getting some info on sorting the clutch out. When at traffic light's i have to take the car out of gear because the clutch kill's my leg holding it down. My father in law seems to think it's something to do with a pressure plate, Ive got a 3 month warranty with car craft but because the clutch is not slipping just stiff they will not fix it. Any help or advice would be a great help Thanks
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