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  1. I will take the six speed wiper stalk and the relay for it if you can lay your hands on it PM me your paypal address and I can send payment as a gift I presume the stalks are tested and working ok
  2. Squiz

    door looms

    Make sure you have or can get a high spec fuse box as well That way you wont be wiring things in only to find the fuse box hasnt got the right circuits in it.
  3. Squiz

    Escort Van

    This van is now sold and so is the car I mentioned Thanks for the enquiries
  4. Squiz

    Radio code ???

    Many thanks Ryan Jobs a good un
  5. Radio serial number is M136064 6000CD series Quick reply would be appreciated. Many thanks Squiz
  6. Which warning lights? The white fiesta and puma dials I have are near on identical to the black finesse set. Not sure at the moment and ninety miles from home till after the end of the month. I just remember when searching a set out with a white face the lights were different between fiesta and those on my 2K finesse dials.
  7. Squiz

    escort bits

    I will offer a tenner for the puma gear knob including posting. If you are interested pm me your paypal addy and ill pay you
  8. Sorry, my tongue in cheek answer got lost in translation I guess. I replaced the digi dial faces with white ones BUT they are for an escort as the warning light bulbs are in different places in fiestas
  9. Why would you want a long range remote locking system ? Anyway In answer to the OPs question YES ford do make all the parts to achieve what you want to do...
  10. Squiz

    custom xbox's

    I only have "factory customs" Dunno if thats of any interest but I own Halo reach 360S with a 320 HD Starwars 360S with 320 HD and 2 gold controllers Also waiting for my pre order Halo 4 console that is released on 06/11/12 ....Seem to have waited ages for that :/
  11. You must be nuts. And you never been to a German Autobahn obviously. 180 MPH is run of the mill stuff. On four wheels, with a body around me, no problem. Its not as exciting though is it p.s. I have driven all over europe many times and must admit its an odd sensation sat in the outer lane at 180+ with a big merc sat on your ass with his indicator on waiting for you to shift out of his way
  12. who'd you get to fit it for you? the British treasury?? half decent average remote central locking kit - Ebay, £20, with solenoids and 2x signal hopping remotes time required to fit - half a day if you know what your doing, a day if you don't. anyone who spends any more than that is possibly the offspring of a Grapefruit and a Orangutan. lol tell you what shawdreamer, IF you can find me a COMPLETE GENUINE FORD REMOTE central locking kit on ebay for £20 put the item number here and I will buy it Also IF you can tell me how to fit a GENUINE FORD remote locking kit to a 2000 up escort I'll consider your statement to be correct. Thats IF you provide the wiring diagram and a video of one working to prove it can be done
  13. I can remember test riding a KR1S when they first came out. I remember it because I went to the shop on an RD 400 and the KR1S outperformed it in every department I hated having to ride my RD home after lol. I wish I had saved pictures of more of my bikes Must admit I also think I had most fun on my first fifty the FS1E-DX
  14. woop! its a shame is so quiet around here nowadays, maybe we should have like a recruitment drive lol Its getting dark earlier and colder out so it might liven up shortly. take me for example I aint been here all year
  15. I have the complete ford remote locking kit knocking about.... Comes with ... Central locking control module Infra red receiver module Wiring loom from fuse box to infra red receiver key fob for lock and unlock also a new key blade to have cut to your own lockset code All the bits to plug and play from the people who made the car. Worth mentioning the loom in this kit also enables an electric sunroof conversion to. If you want to do it to factory spec make me a sensible offer for the kit I had remote locking on my escort cost me a fortune!! Squiz, did i sell you some of the bits for that kit ages ago? lol I think you may have sold it all to me Im hoping its gone up in value and rarity
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