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  1. Thanks for the info. The one I'm looking at has a 5 speed box I think, 85k and FSH. Never even seen a history booklet before so what am I looking for, and how do I know its genuine? Should it list what work was done at each service? Do you know if the cambelt should have been done by 85k according to routine servicing? Cheers
  2. Hi guys, Well after my cambelt snapping on my Escort, I'm looking for a new car. Very tempted to buy a TDCI Mondeo next, but I've heard horro stories about issues with TDCI engines and their injectors. I've heard over 100k of injector issues, that cost a bomb to fix?? Cheers guys.
  3. The fault was confirmed today. Broken Cambelt, and a dead Escort.
  4. According to the fault finding in the Haynes manual, it's poitning towards the starter motor. Like any other job, it's jus ta couple of botls/screws; but they're seized on. :@
  5. We've had the battery connected to a booster and to another car by jump leads - still the same issue.
  6. Right thanks for all the replies here guys. I got someone coming around today to see if it start off the jump leads, since that's the easiest test. We'll take it from there.
  7. I've just put the battery back in the car, now my charger says its fully charged. Again, it sounds like the engine tries to turn for a plit second, then just get the whining/clicking. It may be woryht noting my charger went from 20% to 80% charged within about 10 mins which can't be right. RE the last post, is it definately going to be the battery? Just to add -i s there an easy way I can test the battery?
  8. I got the battery out the car now - its less than 20% charged after cranking it a few times so recharging and cleaning terminals. Will let you know the results (be tomorrow now, damn winter nights). Any other input in the mean time is warmly welcomed.
  9. That's interesting - over the past couple of weeks I've thought the engine was turning over a little slower than usual, when turning the key - perhaps indicating a tired battery? The colder weather in addition to not using the car much lately may have finished it off?
  10. Hi everyone. Went to start my Escort this morning after 2 years of flawless running and it's let me down. The cars been sat for about 3 days - don't use it much since being made redundant. Started the engine, took a couple of turns to get her going (quite normal in the cold after a few days of no use. Engine started running, pulled away, went to change gear and it died. On trying to restart now, the first turn of the jey sounds like the engine attempts to turn for a split second, after that it just makes a whining/clicking sound (a bit similar to that of an SLR camera on a multishot), but the engine itself isn't turning over. I'm thinking starter solenoid/switch or starter motor? Its a 1996 P TD. Cheer's guys.
  11. Did a simple 0-60 test off the layby on the A50 Friday evening and got 10.8 secs exactly, on a very slight incline. Quite happy with that for a 14 year old diesel my mates 03 Passat 1.9TDI is only 1.2 secs quicker.
  12. Ben looking at the Escort TD 0-60 times and it seems there are two engine types from my searches. I've found data for a TD that does 0-60 in 14.7secs 79BHP and a TDI thats 0-60 in 10.8secs 88BHP. My car is listed as TD but it is fuel injected and is the quicker of the two. Are there two engine types available, as I only ever thought there was one escort TD engine? Thanks
  13. Do the 6000 and 7000 ect have much better built in amps?
  14. Hi all, I have an RDS5000 in my escort - I like the head unit itself, but it isn't loud enough or of good enough sound quality. I like to keep things looknig original so swapping out for a new head unit isn't really my thing. Are these head units compatible with an after market amp and if so - are they easy to add to the system so I can then upgrade the cars speakers?
  15. How easy are these to fit?
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