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  1. Made some progress on this, took my spare engine down, and pulled the head off it Swapped all the bits over, throttle body, injectors, thermostat everything i could Put the head on, had a nightmare with snapping a headbolt but it came out ok, so on it went again Timed it up, belt back on and its running Although it is very lumpy, revving around 400-500 then jumping upto 3000-4000 then dropping back down Any ideas, ive cleaned up the plugs and made sure all the vacuums and connectors are on Idle control valve?
  2. The cams had marks on them, and i scored some new marks at 9 oclock on each pulley but the way the cams were in the first place meant you couldnt get a locking bar in the end of the cams So i think the timing must have been wrong before i took it off, it wouldnt start and my mate said its the head gasket, clearly not because the gasket was fine:/ Gonna strip it down, once ive tested the compression, and then start fresh, maybe with a spare head
  3. http://i357.photobucket.com/albums/oo20/briannerd/th_Unit47day31.jpg This is basically what its been doing, yes the battery died at the end, but it was doing this from fully charged It make a kind of gargling noise, and sucks and blows out the intake:/
  4. I'm back down there tomorrow so will strip it down and start again, will try a compression test first though as it weird i can turn it over with a short wrench quite easily with the plugs in Ive got a spare engine, with a good head on it if the valves are goosed anyway
  5. did you have to re time belt ? is it poping back through inlet still ? is it trying to fire ? I re-timed the belt, turned over by hand twice, locking bar went back in, and no1 still at tdc Still wont start though, its kinda sucking and blowing out of both intake and exhaust, like breathing in and out
  6. no 1 tdc, flat file across the cams, belt on nice and tight wont start:/ Its got plenty of fuel and plenty of pressure, spark plugs are happily sparking away Exhaust is blowing now and intake is sucking, no idea why it wont start now
  7. There arent any timing marks on the zetecs, ive got the locking bar across the cams ( a flat file lol ) Not got a crank pin though, if i rotate the crank 180, will that be right?
  8. are you unsure if you have put them back right ?the inlet cam has a lump on it that triggers the cam position senser There in the right place:/ So boggled now, the exhaust is still sucking and the throttles blowing out, and flames are pooping out Any idea?
  9. Ive done the headgasket on a 1.6 flight because the owner (my mate) thought it was gone Put it all back in the right place, and now its sucking in the exhaust and blowing out the throttle body when i crank it Have the cams been swapped front to back?
  10. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-1-6-ZETEC-D...=item3cbf256858 Is that the right one for a 1.6 flight? Cheers
  11. seen this there wondering if anyone on here? http://i357.photobucket.com/albums/oo20/briannerd/Day118.jpg delete other thread please mod, pictures too small lol
  12. post a pic and the spec for the saxo vtr, also how long mot and tax?
  13. briannerd

    who's was this?

    I used to have 17" superleggras on my old escort, really good wheels:) Not very strong though, big dents after a few weeks:/
  14. i'll have this depending on location, cheers
  15. I would say its not fraud but is lol Good idea though, spend the claim money better No need for a new wing if ya dont need one
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