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  1. sounds sweet mate, how much u after for it? & are u willing to courier? il dig it out tomoz gt a pic an weight an gt a courior price an see how it goes m8
  2. i gt 5" can m8 custom made in stainless. if ur serious il dig it out tomoz an get a photo. fits perfect in the mk6 bumper last car i had it on was loadish but still ad a silencer fitted to make it less annoying lol
  3. got a link off a freind last night an never though anythiung about this. but i is a chat about people basically sl*gg!ng gti's off. now some say ford do a so call low pressure turbo that is simple to bolt on an cn be had for £350 brand new is this true? hers the link http://www.carsurvey.org/reviews/ford/escort/r5341/comments/ really thought it wa pure sh!te but had to post
  4. will ad a pic tomoz when i gt chance im selling a ford 5000 double din tape head unit wi sony multi changer an lead. wors perfect got the metal strips to fasten it to bottom of seat just prob need few holes in runners to secure etc. 6 disc looking for £60 posted by courior ovno item located in pontefract any interest pm me for faster responce cheers also it has got the code for stereo aswell
  5. use grinder an take a little off corners of calipers. thats what i had to do to get mine on plus dint say not rs2000 wheels lol
  6. gtichris

    set of wheels

    mk6 escort rs2000 rims. nearly new front tyres an gd rears wi centre caps looking for £100 located in pontefract can meet at local service station
  7. mk6 rs2000 rims im in pontefract so not too far. nearly new fronts gd tread on rears looking for around £100
  8. right my escort is been broken into parts so i can scrap it an gt it out of the way as it is far too gone to save without spending stupid amounts of money wich is just not worth it. anyway i have pictures but my computer wont register with my camera so if any serious interest i will have a trip to my m8s an upload them. complete 5 door escort gti interior. all 4 door cards,front an bk seats an steering wheel with airbag an a mint parcel shelf i will throw in an the centre console with storage bit an ash tray at the back. the only problem is a very very tiny bit of wear to drivers seat bolster but its not worn that much just a few cracks. camera cnt really pik it up coz it int that bad. i can include other bits of the interior like dashboard carpet etc if requierd for free. looking for £80 collected ovno. no postage an im not prepared to let buy to arrange courior as i cant be botherd wrapping it lol. 1.6 16v zetec engine. 80000 miles not long since serviced an timing belt done last jan by previous owner i was told. apart from air flow meter an starter motor everything is there including shafts ib5 gearbox. plus other parts i have like alternator more shafts mounts etc etc. £60 collected again no courior too large an heavy fopr me to mess around with. mk6 escort rs2000 alloys. 2 nearly brand new tyres on fron an gd tread on rears. in silver with caps set of 4 all balanced etc few kerb marks etc £100 collected magnex exhaust system come from a gti, then onto an rs2000 an then my 1.6 escort. its been de cated an had centre box removed as it sounded standerd with that but i have still got this if buyer wants it. i will included downpipe as thats been modded due to de cat £80 collected no psotage ghia grill been color coded in autumm green looks stunning cost me abit looking at £30 collected or £35 posted 4 autumm green door handles with tailgate trim in autumm green an the rear door plastic things that have been done autumm green. not long since been done but im after £25 collected or £30 posted gti/rs2000 spats in autumm green £20 without bumper collected or £25 posted wi out bumper or £30 collected on bumper. bumper has a few marks from storage electric wing mirriors mk6 escort wi baking plates an switch. in primer ready for paint £15 collected or £20 posted half tinted rear lights for mk6 or mk5 b including foglights an extra wiring for second fog light £20 collected or £25 posted black eyed headlights didi me sen cost me a small fortune to do an are electric adjustable an il include that switch £50 collected or £60 posted gmax rear shocks for mk6 escort £20 collected of £35 posted -60mm mk6 springs pi £40 collected or £50 posted or can do a deal if bought with above gti clocks with actual clock that i have put white face onan done needles orange to match clocks £20 collected or £25 posted gti interior light with map lights fully working condition an includes yellow relay for 20 second delay. £5 collected or £8 posted rs2000 wiper stalk with intermitent front wiper control an cancels indicater etc an il chuck the relay in to control the front intermitent £20 collected or £25 posted i cn cut bits of shell an boot an doors an bonnet are all gd etc if interested in autumm green. all prices are ono as there in my way. i try to post asap but some times takes a day or 2. items are located at wf8 area in pontefract west yorkshire. mobile number via pm if needed to chat about parts. i can also offer a cheap fitting service aswell but old parts must be taken with them. like i said pictures later or in morning depending when i go to me m8s or gt me camera working wi comp or find me lead for me phone cheers
  9. couple more parts renault front splitter http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/lagunasplitter1.jpg http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/lagunasplitter2.jpg lads after 1 in wanted section but if he dnt want it then £25 posted theese maybe sold as lad afer them but if not then half tinted ear lights an look gd so much better than taky lexus lights lol did them me sen few months ago an ant faded yet £25 posted http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/halftintedrears.jpg and a ghioa grill been color coded in autumm greed http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/IMG00052-20110102-1332.jpg had this done not so long ago open to offers on this cost me abit to buy an have painted postage be £10
  10. http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/lagunasplitter1.jpg http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/lagunasplitter2.jpg £25 posted tats what it ows me
  11. ye hes a top top bloke helped me out a few times u wnt get ripped off
  12. i gt 1 m8 not been cut either yet gta nip to garage s il grab a pic well im there for ya an pm ya it
  13. gtichris

    gti rep

    was gna strip the escort in 2 weeks as mot runs out on 27th of jan. i rekon its worth more in parts but to save me time i will list on here see if i cn gt any money for it. now the car is an r plate 1.6 16v escort flight. its in an autumm green wich is my fave color for an escort. apart from a pair of gay lexus rear lights wich i sold straight away it was standerd. runs gd an is in really really gd condition. the only thing that lets it down is the usual rusty rear arches wich this has got. passenger not too bad but drivers is too far gone imo for fibre glass an filler for a gd perm job so ideally wants an arch. now i have turned this into a gti rep apart from the front bumper. i did manage to source the correct 1 in the correct color but i hit a rabbit 1 night an smashed the corner tp pieces an had to put the priginal gay looking 1 back on. i did buy another but never got round to painting it. now a quick lst of mds i have done. lowerd -60mm pi springs with gmax rear shocks magnex stainless steel exhaust system gti rear spats an gti rep side skirts half tinted rear lights smoked side repeaters black eye headlights ghia chrome grill but i have color coded it an transformed the car rs2000 alloys from a mk6 wich as 2 gd rear tyres an 2 more or less brand new tyres fitted few weeks ago 4 color coded door handles an rear door plate things full gti interior with verylittle wear to leather on drivers bolster gti clocks an changed the clock to white face fli components in the front an fli 5x7 in rears gti steering wheel gti interiror light with 20 second relay ftd along with intermitent rear wiper relay fitted an flashyindicaters relays aswell intermitant front wiper stalk fitted. new brakes upfront fitted about 2 months ago along with handbrake cable an front brakes hoses recent service inclding oil an plugs an oil filter like i said the only bad bit is rear arches n a dent above passenger arch. car is located in pontefract area wf8. looking for £550 ono but i am breaking it in about 2 weeks if it dnt sell. gna ad some pics tomoz as it wa too dark when i gt home today. please dnt want no bad comments ec if your not interested or owt just dnt post an car is taxed well end of feb
  14. i cant post the bumper its too big an heavy. i dnt mind people arranging there own couriors an puting few £ my way for paking materials
  15. other post went wrong an i cnt adjust it it wnt let me so here it is yet again right ive just bught myself a new car as the escort a come to the end of its life or it will have when mot runs out in few weeks. anyway im nt in a position to buy myself an escort rs2000 like i planned so to raise funds for my xr2projet thats just sat there for a year nearly am clearing out whats sat there. all items can be collected from the wf8 area wich is pontefract west yorkshire. my mobile number is avalable via message only im not willing to list it ithe advert. small items can be posted wich will be stated. all prices are just guides an are open to sensible offers. please dont just fill m thread up an waste my time . im limitd to internet atm as my laptop is in for repair so im using a freinds atm an its slow lol anyway here goes yellow 20 second delay relay £3 plus £2 p&p http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/IMG00040-20101230-1116.jpg orange rear wiper intermitant relay £3 plus £2 p&p http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/IMG00039-20101230-1116.jpg little brown relays to0 make your indicaters flash when locking your escort £3 a pair plus £2 p&p http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/IMG00037-20101230-1115.jpg can do all 3 sets for say £10 posted? 1 touch window relays i can supply 4 for £12 posted or split into pairs so £6 posted for 2 http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/IMG00036-20101230-1115.jpg indicater light stalks standerd models £15 posted work as should http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/IMG00033-20101229-1317.jpg pair of electric mirrors smoothed an primed ready for paint all work fine. was told all escorts have plugs in doors ready an mine did have an plugged in an worked straight away. comes wi the backing plate an switch to control them (not pictured) looking for £15 an £10 post http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/IMG00032-20101229-1316.jpg bought my escort in january an fitted a magnex straight away so removed this exhaust system. was brand new with gen ford cat an motor factory middle section an rear silencer say 30 collected no postage http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/IMG00043-20101230-1122.jpg black eye headlight. did theese myself earlyer in the year an dont fog up like some i no people have bought off ebay. done in matt black an lense tinted the indicator lense. used guide off here an are really good if i dnt say so myself. there also electric an have ice white zenon bulbs fitted aswell. looking at £40 plus £20 postage via dhl etc due to size an weight. also in same picture is a ghia grill thats been painted autumm green. looks fantastic an really transformd my car. £25 plus £8 postage on this. cosgt me abit to have painted lol http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/IMG00034-20101229-1443.jpg can get better pics if needed air flow meter removed off a 1.6 16v escort for mine as i heard car running etc so no it works fine but was diffrent to mine so please chek codes wich are ABCDE 92FB-12B579-BA AFH38-07A if codes match will work fine http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/IMG00044-20101230-1125.jpg autumm green rear bumper. standerd no cracks etc just few storage marks £10 collected http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/IMG00046-20101230-1148.jpg escort gti style front bumper no fogs got grills instead straight forward swop. i started prepping it ready for primer an paint etcif some 1 wants it cheap for a proect etc then £10 ono http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/IMG00049-20101230-1159.jpg ib5 gearbox. come from an escort that an old bloke owned so was mint so smooth was gna shove in my escort but no need for it now. will throw drive shafts an all mounts etc in an the rear 1 is nearly brand new im was told. breakers want about £120 for just box im asking £60 the lot collected http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/IMG00048-20101230-1159.jpg now i dnt no if any1 is interested in this? its an ax gti rear badge i got from when i bought mine many years ago. back then they were really sort after an was gna shove on my escort but never got round to it. open to offers on this as i dnt no what its worth but postage is £3 http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u157/FEZZYXR2/IMG00047-20101230-1149.jpg atm thats all i gt to sell thats off the car well lights and grill i got standers to xhove bk on lol. rest of car is to be broken in january when mot runs out. i can remove all 4 door coded door handles in autumm green offers? pi -60mm lowersprings £50 posted gmax rear shocks in gd condition £30 plus £10 postage escort gti/rs2000 interior light with map lights plus a 20 second delay relay for £10 posted anything else u need give me a shout an il see if i cn remove it an as i dnt collect my car for 2 weeks so still need this on road. like i said open to sensible offers but everything needs to go asap thanks for looking
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