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  1. For Sale Peugeot 206cc http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2001-PEUGEOT-206-CC-...id=p3286.c0.m14
  2. OOPPSSS Sorry. Pic. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y153/TTFM/DSC00202.jpg http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y153/TTFM/DSC00199.jpg
  3. Ford Puma 1.4 16v for sale. Please see Ebay link for more Information. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1998-FORD-PUMA-1-4-1...1QQcmdZViewItem Thanks
  4. looks good mate, what are the wheels?
  5. Nice car mate, what an absolute bargain.....
  6. Nice car mate, looks a bit like my old car. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y153/TTFM/DCP_0314.jpg My previous attempt at a GTI rep http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y153/TTFM/fds.jpg
  7. GTsI

    Ford Puma 1.4 16v

    I've never really sat in the back of the car to be honest, the puma is built on a fiesta floor pan so it shouldn't be too bad (depends on what physical size you are IMH).
  8. GTsI

    Ford Puma 1.4 16v

    and cheap tax is the misses car and have owned it for nearly 2 years, was her first car and is ideal for someone's first car.
  9. Possibly for sale, (just testing the water). 1998 ® Ford Puma 1.4 16v in rare Melina Blue Metalic, 77,000 miles, recently serviced and had a new clutch, 3 owners from new 2 of which have been women, Usual extras such as PAS, EW, AC, RCL, Very good condition inside & out, 17" alloy wheels with Brand new tyres, 10 months Tax & 5 months MOT. Offers in region of £3K
  10. Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 out of 10 for that one
  11. Hi all i've not been on here for ages now. Just thought i'd post a piccy of my cars i've had since i've been driving. 1. Mk2 Fiesta 1.4 2. MK 6 Escort 1.8 16v Zetec Si at Trax on the Evo stand. 3. BMW 318i SE 2003. 4. Rover 220 GSI Turbo Hatchback British Racing Green (no piccys) 5. MK 6 RS2000 6. BMW 316i Sport Compact 2004. 7. Rover 220 Coupe Turbo 8. Sierra Cosworth (no piccys) 9. Rover 420 SLI (run around til i got the BMW - had to wait for it to be released) 10. BMW 320d M Sport 2006
  12. A little insight into rear disc's on RS2000. All Mk5 RS2000, 4x4 and early Mk6 RS2000 had rear discs, near the end of production of the RS they ran out of discs and fitted drums as ordering more discs wasn't as cost effictive as what was already in the parts bin. to compinsate for the drums ford fitted 4 wheel abs systems. I had a 1996 RS with drums.
  13. I try to Avoid Privilage insurance because years ago (about 5) my brother had a brand new Peugoet 106 zest 2 (T reg) on HP from peugoet with 1 years free insurance - there deal at the time with there selected insurance company (being as the car was on HP the insurance was fully comp as you all know it has to be). After about 3 months my brother was polishing it and it started to smoke under the bonnet, called the fire brigade out as by now the car was in flames. Got the car recovered and it went back to peugoet. Privilege Insurance said that the policy didn't include fire but yet it was fully comp ????????????????? after loosing the car for 1 year while peugoet and privilege battled to sort things out and the loom went on back order we recieved a letter stating that the car was being repaired under garenty (spelling) at the cost of peugoet (quite rightly so as we've been waiting for over a year now). Peugoet then dropped Privilege as there seleted insurer and went with the AA. We then recieved some compensation but not really worth while. So if you are with Privilege then check your policy cos they may be pulling a fast one.
  14. GTsI

    My Rs2000

    No the only reason why the sistem is there is to warn that a tyres is under the set pressure. The system works using the ABS sensors detecting the wheel speed (lower tyre pressure = smaller circumference = more rotations).
  15. GTsI

    My Rs2000

    The rover in the back ground is my old one which i sold to my brother, it's a 220 gsi turbo (rare hatchback model) they are 200 bhp standard (that ones got a de-cat, zorst, k&n, boost upgrade so your looking at around 220 - 230 bhp) 150 mph + The run flat tyres are design so at speed if you have a punchure the tyre doesn't deflate and destroy itself causing you to loose control and crash. The tyres themselves can be driven on with no pressure on them as long as it's not far and you don't exceed 50 mph (i have done so once). The system that is on cars with run flats warns that the tyres are under inflated (you may not be able to tell as the side walls are quick thick) and to put air in. Not sure what car im gonna get probably a new bmw from work not sure yet.
  16. GTsI

    My Rs2000

    The ride is ok with the run flat tyres, there the same as they put on the mini cooper s (Dunlop Sport 7000?). Not been on here for ages just been really busy, hi to all that can remember me. ROB C You can wash my car if you want to. cheers
  17. You mean this one............. yes that was mine sold her a few years ago now. since than i've owned: BMW E46 318i SE saloon (52 plate brand new at the time) Rover 220 Gsi Turbo Hatchback Escort RS2000 (see show us your motor section for pics) BMW 316 ti Sport Compact (04 reg brand new at the time) Rover 220 Gsi Coupe Turbo. Gonna be selling the rs soon to either get a cossie or a new E90 BMW 320d sport saloon not sure (i work for BMW can you tell) he he
  18. I've got a ford focus WRC but rather than spraying the car in the rally colours i sprayed it blue so it's a focus RS replica. looks cool.
  19. GTsI

    My Rs2000

    I think if i remember rightly the de-cat pipe was around £50 brand new. it is a magnex one because it already has a magnex system (exhaust is completely magnex apart from the manifold). I'm not sure how much i'm looking for it really, i'll post it in the for sale section nearer the time. LOL
  20. GTsI

    My Rs2000

    Also forgot to mention it has been rolling roaded before at 162bhp. just been serviced with oil & filter plugs leads 2 x coil packs fuel filter Cheers for the comments
  21. I believe you cannot just turn a turbo on or off by a switch due to the different compression ratios the turbo'd engines run. Turbo engines usually run a lower compression than normally aspirated engines therefore the car would be very slow without it also the engine management is wrong as well because when a turbo comes on boost the ignition is retarded. If it was only was as simple as bolting on a turbo and away you go then everyone would be driving around in turbo'd cars. (i used to own a Rover 220 Gsi turbo Hatchback and a 220 Turbo coupe and with the boost pipes disconnected it was like a wet lettice)
  22. Not been on here for ages now so here goes. 1996 RS2000 2wd. Radiant Red 17" ford 7 spoke soft design alloys with Dunlop run flat tyres, Lowered, full magnex Stainless steel exhaust including de-cat pipe, K&N Induction Kit Meshed front grilles using st24 stainless steel mesh, Clear side repeaters, Half tinted rear lights, Unknown front splitter (was given to me by a friend). RSOC Registered. + all usual RS refinements. Will be for sale soon.
  23. Hi there, I haven't been on this site for ages and when i was last i was using turbosport to upload images, i don't believe this service is available now and was wondering which one every one uses? cheeRS Tom.
  24. GTsI


    Hello there, Has anyone got any koni or spax suspension for a mk6 rs2000 for sale?? cheeRS
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