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  1. Reduced: 85% of original size [ 800 x 600 ] - Click to view full image went to see this at york drag strip a couple of week ago my mate works with the person who owns it by any chance was there a sierra cosworth with a rover v8 there any where near by as they are part of the same team http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b81/trig_112/Classic%20Ford%202011/P1010758.jpg this pick is the one im on about i see the shogun in the background (capri) very quick car
  2. also clutch and flywheel and exhaust down pipe if you want id of aicon then you have to get a diffent bracket to bolt the alternator and powersteering pump on also the mondeo alternator is at the back of the engine so you use the escort alternator mounts to keep it at the front as for rear anti roll bar gti's dont have them so would have to fit mk5 or a mk6 rs2k rear axle
  3. 5 3/4 is right i had to replace one of mine after balacpool last year but had a spare but the ones that were in were rusted luckily i saved the old unit and measured and it was 5 3/4 so went to boltonbits and got some and i know marshy got the same ones so they fit
  4. yes mate they were 5 and 3/4" for the outter lamps follow this link this is where i got them from http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/5-3-4-Halogen-Headla...=item5adf803d2f
  5. if your on about 17" rs7's then that price it completely out of the blue becuase the 17" usually are around £300+
  6. alot of corsa owners blank off the egr valve to get better throttle response just be weiry of the timing chain as the all were called back at sumpoint for them redoing on all models
  7. smoked side repeaters sold to dawev6 bump
  8. outter lamps and oil filter sold to heavyrightfoot
  9. could give a rubbish about it to be honest i will be spending the weekend pissed up anyway seeing as i cant this weekend with been on call
  10. zetec oil filter 1.6/1.8 £5 posted http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll193/calibraboy-2007/PICT0008-5.jpg mk6 escort fuel filter £4 posted http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll193/calibraboy-2007/PICT0009-3.jpg pair of chrome interior handles £5 collected £10 posted http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll193/calibraboy-2007/PICT0010-3.jpg radient red door handles springs in tact x2 £10 collected £15 posted http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll193/calibraboy-2007/PICT0011-3.jpg http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll193/calibraboy-2007/PICT0012-3.jpg ford white racing clock £8 collected £10.50 posted http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll193/calibraboy-2007/PICT0013-3.jpg interior switches (a/c models) with heater panel £10 collected £12.50 posted http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll193/calibraboy-2007/PICT0015-1.jpg smoked side repeaters £5 collected £8 posted http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll193/calibraboy-2007/PICT0017-2.jpg crystal morette lamps £20 collected £25 posted http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll193/calibraboy-2007/PICT0018-3.jpg
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