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    escort ghia 1.6i, renult master 3.0l turbo, mk5 xr3i

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    witham, essex
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    cars, computers defenetly GADGETS :)

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  1. will you do the boost for £10 posted? pm if so
  2. or some 80 grit sand paper
  3. i think you need to keep the little vent aswell. itll look if not :|
  4. iyou can tell him i gotta 1.8 engine for £40 if he wants it cheers mate
  5. ive pm'd him. he didnt pm me back.. well he did once :| --------- its a five mate. well i have pictures of what it use to look like but im just out and have no pics on this laptop of what it does now any more questions cheers
  6. forgot to mention it has all rear windows tinted
  7. for sale is my escort ghia 1.6 it has done 107k still runs lovely. had new clutch fitted around 4 months ago. new disks and pads and shoes on. lots of service history. in neavue red (sp) had rear arches cut out and new ones put in. only has one little rust scab on the tailgate. 6months tax 1 years mot bad bits: has amparo blue bonnet on bit tatty. if wanted asap it will have no bumpers or you can wait till after xmas and ill put some on (will be £220 with out bumpers) roof lining has some pen marks 2 little holes and 8 screw holes on (from flip down screen) will post pics up later. any more info needed call me on 07908669303. located in witham in essex thanks needs new drivers door card
  8. experiences first erection... lol
  9. my girlfrind does have one. and massive. i think you just made my mind up
  10. hack saw? just take off extra at the scrappy and clean them up with an angle grinder. but stoo is right. is there any point doing this if your using second hand arches :|
  11. body on thats very nice cars nice too.
  12. i wasnted to keep both of them standard depending on which i get
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