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  1. Nice car mate, 5 doors ftw!
  2. Some improvement. Good work. What engine is it running? 1.4?
  3. Cool, I bet it felt like a wee go kart!
  4. Looks good, my fave colour for a GTi. Fancy selling it?
  5. I like your old GTi and the Mondeo looks great.
  6. Aye, that ones a lot smarter IMO.
  7. I say keep the audi grille, unless you can get a slatted debadged item. the meshy one on the other page looks a bit garsh.
  8. Maybe lower the front a bit more if you don't mind losing some practicality. Very smart looking cab though.
  9. Hope you're fixing it, Nice rare colour, mica stone I think.
  10. Looks great , have you thought about the tried and tested laguna/megane unvented splitters?
  11. I could be wrong but I bought one of these manifolds when I had my old 2.0 lx and I recall it stated in the ad that it woulldn't clear the starter on an mtx75 box.
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