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  1. Nice car mate, 5 doors ftw!
  2. Some improvement. Good work. What engine is it running? 1.4?
  3. Cool, I bet it felt like a wee go kart!
  4. Looks good, my fave colour for a GTi. Fancy selling it?
  5. I like your old GTi and the Mondeo looks great.
  6. Aye, that ones a lot smarter IMO.
  7. I say keep the audi grille, unless you can get a slatted debadged item. the meshy one on the other page looks a bit garsh.
  8. Maybe lower the front a bit more if you don't mind losing some practicality. Very smart looking cab though.
  9. Hope you're fixing it, Nice rare colour, mica stone I think.
  10. Looks great , have you thought about the tried and tested laguna/megane unvented splitters?
  11. I could be wrong but I bought one of these manifolds when I had my old 2.0 lx and I recall it stated in the ad that it woulldn't clear the starter on an mtx75 box.
  12. Not bad. A different modifying style to what we usually see on Escorts but I say it works on this one.
  13. Very nice selection of old school and retro fords.
  14. Rob01

    Spigot rings

    I've always wondered what the purpose of spigot rings on the back of some aftermarket wheels are, and what would the consequences be if you ran some wheels without them?
  15. This could be a good thread, Reps are usually easily identifiable and look pretty naff/out of proportion. I can only think of a few convincing reps. Good luck and I hope you build a good looking rep!
  16. Rob01

    An Escort

    Hello, I'm wanting another Escort mk6, prefferably a 3door or a high speccer. Let me know what you have forsale as long as it's in Scotland or nearby!
  17. Very nice, are they calibre alloys?
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