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  1. i shoulda done a guide when i done my old vans , unbolt the axle from the van , theres a bracket on both sides ov the axle (left and right) that mounts to the leaf springs, cut it off and reweld it 180 degrees round on the axle so you bolt the axle back on above the springs rather than below , that drops it about 5 inches,. oh and cut the rear bump stops in half,.
  2. bit like a escort that dont rust,.
  3. if your putting anywhere around 13.8 volts then the alt is fine and not running lower than should be , sounds more like starter playing up , when the starter dont work , try to bridge it to see if it starts , if it does then its a wirin fault, if not go starter,.
  4. its a contact engine , valves will be fucked,.
  5. board it out , then cover it in material , then fron the roof put a couple a pods facing down and forward for 6x9s , then a box either side built into the side facing fowards diaganely for a couple a subs , look cool as fuk,.
  6. rodney,.


    just as rubbish as all these escorts running lexus style lights and halo/projector fronts,.
  7. as above , im after one cheap and local to north london , what ya got?? thanks,.
  8. jump on ebay , plenty of escort/mondeo wheels on there cheap,.
  9. im a van nut lol , if you wanna board it out then thats easy, buy some plywood , about 5mm thick give and take , measure up a template and cut to fit the van , secure with screws , then............. fill the gap between wood and van with builers expanding foam , when it goes hard the sides of the van will be solid and not flex , also it will make the van much quieter an warmer ,.
  10. rodney,.

    mk3/4 parts

    cheers for the offer but i dont want a kit on it , i have 2 s1 wheels , just need 2 more, and some shocks and springs,.
  11. rodney,.

    mk3/4 parts

    na the arms are fine fella , s1 or s2?? how much? etc , i really want s1 wheels,.
  12. get a locking set and lock it off , it has a pump belt too
  13. rodney,.

    mk3/4 parts

    im after some bits for my mk1 orion , most parts from mk3/4 escort will fit, suspension , cheap alloys , 3i front spoiler etc what ya got????
  14. what gearbox does the focus use?
  15. you need to get the fueling up before you up the boost, i wouldnt run a standard pump , will soon kill it and slow it down too,.
  16. looks very straight and tidy
  17. looking good fella , aint seen this thread for a whie , i still got a pair of rear doors down here,.
  18. earth 1 wire and connect the other to the brake light wire , use a tester to find the wire , or follow the the terminal on the cluster back to the plug,.
  19. sounds like you could need shocks front , is it soft or firm on the front? , if you got progresive coils on the front , (couple of coils really close together) at top or bottom then take a coil or 2 out so the springs still sit the same,.
  20. replace the bearing , best thing to do is get a mot tester to get it on the ramp and check it if you aint sure,.
  21. all you gotta do is give it min 10 mins between coats , let the coat go sticky then do your next coat , flatting between coats isnt needed , unless you get a run in the 1st coat,.
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