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  1. congrats mate, good to see all the hard work has paid.
  2. Hi all havent been around for a while I have been extremely busy with degree assignments, work and my business. I am looking to set up a website like autotrader but want to be different and better(going to be tough I know but I always like a challenge). So I thought I would ask people here as everyone has once in their life tried searching for a car on the internet. I know there must be a lot of likes and dislikes of some of the sites you may of used so if you could write what your dislikes and likes are, or what you want to see on a site to help you find a car please reply to this message so that I can try to incorporate it into my new site. Thanks in advance
  3. www.totaljobs.com www.jobserve.com www.gisajob.co.uk www.cwjobs.co.uk (IT jobs only) www.workthing.co.uk www.reed.co.uk www.topdogjobs.com www.monster.co.uk thats just a few i can think of that i use
  4. Hi mate, Need some informatin about the supra, as i am looking to sell mine soon and go for something a bit different. I was just wondering if there are any bad points, what are the good points, what should i look out for when I am looking at one. and anything else you can think of mate. Cheers.
  5. do you fancy swapping your 18's for another set of 18's as i love those wheels
  6. DVD hacks thousands on this site and a whole lot more.
  7. even if you put the arches on you will need them rolled if you are thinking of putting cossie wheels on because everytime you go over something the wheel will just smash up onto the lip of the arch smacking the kit and splitting and damaging the wing all together because the cossie wheels stick out much further than normal escort wheels.
  8. if you are running just normal escort offset you shouldnt need the arches touched really, the only real problem will be full lock.
  9. you can pick some up with half that mileage for about 7k-8k its just a matter of looking ans waiting for the right one..
  10. lets hope the only way you will use it is to help people find their stolen property.
  11. setting up a website to help prevent theiving scum stealing our pride and joy and selling it on or even back to us. email addy for sending details are: thieving-scum@dsl.pipex.com send as much detail as possible of whats stolen, be it complete car or ice, whatever. location, serial No's etc etc... if u got pics as well that might be helpful lets stop these gits nicking and then selling our stuff on!! If you your self are members of other Bulletin Boards then pass it on, the more coverage we will get the better our chances are preventing the theiving scum from stealing again. (Board Administrators if you read this is it possible to make this a pinned item so that it gets full coverage, Thankyou)
  12. looking excellent mate, how much is it dropped my and was there any mods required for it?
  13. Thats me behind deano. With a f***ed injectors
  14. i cant see the pictures either
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