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  1. That cap will fit if it is for a Mk5 Escort/Mk3 Fiesta. It's not flat though & sticks out a bit, so I didn't bother with mine & kept a standard cap. Put that plastic wood trim in the bin, or get it colour coded, lol!
  2. "An ambulance was in attendance and a patient was checked over at the scene but unfortunately he was uninjured."
  3. That's a sub, the amp is underneath. It's not really a good idea to install an amp upside down because of heat build up, so keep an eye on it. A couple of 12v fans connected to the amp's remote turn on & earth connectors would sort it, if there is a problem. They give you that remote bass controller so you can fit it somewhere convenient by the driver's seat, not so you can fit it somewhere remote, lol!
  4. You should still be able to leave non payers a negative.
  5. This one? http://www.fibresports.co.uk/products/Ford...erofoil/FS12015 I'll need to check, I need to call them tomorrow anyway. Sounds like the right description, but wrong picture.
  6. Can you get the small roof spoiler for the Escort Van?
  7. It would be a waste anyway, spending all that money for people to think that your name must be Sam!
  8. Circle8


    I remember seeing it at Ford Fair or Trax or both. It's lasted quite well considering. I'm not sure that's a good thing though, lol!
  9. Thigh rash alert! http://i7.tagstat.com/image08/8/520f/00j_001O58f.jpg Oh FFS, lol!
  10. Nice, it looks great in the first pics. Not so keen on it splattered with birdshit! How have they lowered it?
  11. Who's van is that, yours?
  12. Phew, that's ok then. I still don't like wood in cars unless it's a Rolls Royce.
  13. no stickers. there will be sign writing on the back windows but thats business related. Only other changes to the outside are limited to: tinted windows restored headlights re-furbished alloys in an athracite colour with new centre caps a set of winter wheels some paint correction that is all inside, I will restore the leather on the seats, possibly do something with the wood, replace the radio for a aftermarket radio that is made specifically to fit the E39 (bit like the double din I have in the ST) so has sat nav, bluetooth, SD, iPod, USB etc. and thats it. Only other changes will be de-cat, EGR bypass (currently just vaccuum hose off) and a remap. I need to replace the down pipe so might as well de-cat only other changes would be purely replacing worn parts and if rubber bushes go replace with poly. Suspension is superb as is and brakes are superb although front brakes do have cheap discs and pads and they produce a hell of alot of brake dust so may swap at a later stage for brembo standard discs and pads like I had on the mk3. As I said, ST is the project car, not this. Someone I know said the CGF on my number plate is for Could Go Faster (he's my friend with the lots of mods TDDI that only had a tiny bit more power than my relatively standard one), I said it means Couldnt Give a F*ck Yeah I would, it looks far too suited to an old man. Cover it with 3D carbon fibre or brushed aluminium film maybe? f*ck that it a 5 series bimmer u should be polishing the wood and making it shiny! my dads got an e46 and i think the wood in there is lush lol I've no doubt that you like 'polishing the wood'. Do you like the hideously tacky escort 'wood' dash trims too?
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