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  1. Trophy once you get to 1000 cars, and also one for having a colour collection of cars. Also one for adding your own music to the game!! Yea got the one for the music ages ago. Just trying to get as many cars as poss.
  2. Seasonal events were easy as pie, quick money. Once i completed them i spent like 5 mil on buying all the JGCT cars in the Online Collectors Dealership. Still, got 450 cars in the garage now
  3. Yea, i'm def thinking about Satin White for it now
  4. Endurance races are available at level 25
  5. Well got the doors in primer now so once we start on the wings it will all be sprayed in Matt Black until the wrap happens http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc282/vinnyvangough/Mk3%20Escort%20Cabriolet/Door8.jpg Also, she is missing real bad and running very poor. If i hold the throttle steady she miss's and goes all the time, if i put my foot down she runs fine. I have fitted new HT leads, and am gonna fit new plugs in the morning. I have another dizzy cap from a Mk3 1.1 carb model, will this fit? If o i may change that. If it still runs funny i'll have to look at replacing the coil. Also she cuts out on me when warm, as i put the clutch in to stop she drops revs and then stalls. Sometimes she struggles to idle correctly, with the revs moving up and down. Now on the zetec i know this would be the idle control valve. Is there a similar system on this engine and if so where, and how do i sort it?
  6. Your an Addict. Whats your completion %? Iv done 5 of the endurance on both a and b spec and still sittin at around 95% completion Only got one cosworth though and i got that through a mate! i havnt seen it once in my used cars! yet iv got 4 mk1 focus rally cars now, 2 focus rs etc - in case anyones interested Think i'm 92 0r 93% complete Add my tag of GTDrivers_Vinny and i'll gift one over to you. Up to you what you send back.
  7. I love the game. Done 3 of the endurance events, have over 400 cars in the garage, about 4 mil in Cr, have 3 Escort Cosworth WRC cars, 2 Focus Rally cars blah blah blah
  8. Content Removed EscortEvolution cannot endorse piracy
  9. Cool but somebody hs way to much time on there hands
  10. I got a HPI Savage. So much fun Electric is ok but you cant beat the sound of the gear change on the Savage. Like already said, if you look after it and keep it well maintained you wont ever have a problem
  11. Only called a mk6 in Europe
  12. Yea i got it Add me - vinnyvangough
  13. Well I wasn't speeding on the corner I went into, braked with PLENTY of time but nothing was happening... skidded about 50 feet, no tyre squeal, that how slippy the road was. In fact and completely truthful, Nearly fell over on the the road when got out aswell. Which means you were driving too fast for the road conditions lol Lucky escape
  14. Very stunning and tidy car Vinyl wrapped http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Escort-cabriolet-XR3...=item2ead874c5c http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc282/vinnyvangough/Angelas%20Mk4%20Escort%20Cabriolet/Finished2.jpg
  15. It really makes you wander how some people ever make it through life
  16. He did come on to fordescortclub.co.uk briefly and said it was wrapped. He sold it on i believe so the seller must be the new owner
  17. Yea we have another tank here with a few smaller fish in, its a case of swapping them over but waiting for another tank to turn up to hold them for now.
  18. Just got these Its a breeding pair of Oscars, now i dont know much about them so any advise would be appriciated http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc282/vinnyvangough/Fish/Oscars1.jpg http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc282/vinnyvangough/Fish/Oscars2.jpg
  19. As above, its not the time or the plaice for these sort of puns
  20. Usually 1.5 bar when hot and it should drop to around 1.2 when cold
  21. Its for the reccomened pressure. The black tells you actual, red is reccomended. Red one should be set around 1.2 bar
  22. Lol, you gotta love the Mk3 Cabbys to be honest
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