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  1. Scotty that brought a tear to my eyes lol
  2. Only you sid, have you got the dungarees, straw hat, and a bit of straw hanging out of you mouth yet, you good old southern boy, you......you...............you confederate you yes I know Craig, but lets face it, the place is dead, I only log on these days on the off chance that something interesting is going on ...fat chance of that oooohhh how I will miss you Shaw
  3. Hi Guy's & Girls. well like most on here, just to say farewell, its been a blast, but I wont be renewing, my subs this year, thanks to one and all for the banter, and the advise, and you all take care, I think my subs are due in April, so here until then, adios amigos
  4. you leave ....me thinks not, you wont be able to miss the agro you get, plus the fact we want an update on that golf cart you bought..........sorry mustang
  5. Morning Sid, what bloody time is it in Yank land thought you where about 5 hours behind, you got insomenier
  6. It pains me to say this to you Sid, but I like that and hate you for it, I want one NOW, where about's are you in yankee doodle dandy land, and how's it working out for you, well I hope!!! oohhhh hang on my bad you bought a bloody golf cart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. that made me chuckle regards Mary
  8. sco0oby......and just how much did you have to drink!!!!!!! SID???? lol
  9. rather than start a new thread...............happy new year to one and all, lets hope its a better one than the last one
  10. a merry Christmas to one and all, just another day for me really, but at least a couple of days off work, remind me what time does the pub open
  11. as topic title, things must be bad at evo HQ, no Christmas theme this year, sign of the times
  12. That looks really tidy for its age, what the mileage like, ohh and welcome to the mad house, I am from Otley so not a million miles away
  13. well good answers but not quite right. ...........................keep trying scoty bo 1st close enough, second one must try harder
  14. right as it's a bit quiet on here at the moment (understatement of the year), thought I would start this thread, might not work but hey hoo. so any question not car related (otherwise no doubt the mods will say its not in the right section ), it can be a funny or a serious question, but be warned if its serious don't expect a serious answer, (cue SID, Shaw ), so here goes I have got two for you this morning 1) why do women have small feet 2) why do women get married in white answers on a post card with paypal gift of £5.00, for the answer (only joking) now why is it I feel that I have opened a right can of worms here
  15. well good riddance to rotten apples that's all I have to say only joking, hope it all works out for you guys, and I don't want to see any pictures of flash motors, just because you are on mega buck, all the best
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