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  1. It's quite nice outside, isn't it?! Hopefully it'll last for the weekend - actually look forward to cleaning the cars properly! That, and the GP could make for a good one!
  2. Sold, can be deleted now.
  3. Hi all. Bought these from JC just a month or so back. Used them for a little white but had to change to a 4 point harness because of the BMW's silly rear seatbelt anchor points. Pair of red Sparco 3 point harnesses. Come with a pair of Sparco pads, as in image. Great condition. £50 collected, £55 posted. Here's the pic from JC's ad - they haven't changed since! http://i.imgur.com/53kdA.png Collection welcome from Leamington Spa, CV31.
  4. Big thanks to Danzetec - got my seat mount done! An afternoon of final measuring and drilling and we're ready to roll. Here's a picture of it fitted - obviously it needs a bit of tidying up and painting... Overall shot:
  5. andaba


    Let's not forget the skill involved to sit on someone's bumper for 10 laps then tapping them just gently enough to knock them off line and squeeze up the inside! All of that without losing time to the cars behind. I'd say that's pretty impressive. And the way they catch some of those drifts - even if they are mostly weak fwd ones
  6. andaba

    GTI clocks

    Just found these in the garage at home. They are in good nick, showing the mileage in the pic. Not after much, a couple of beers would do? http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll111/Andaba/carparts/IMG_0065-1.jpg They are in Leamington Spa at the moment, or i'm in Chelmsford for the Easter weekend.
  7. Lol you are faaaaaaar from local according to googlemaps
  8. Right, i've now got the means to drill the holes, but no material. Anyone have any steel plate laying about?
  9. andaba


    BTCC is awesome. End of. The 90's were a golden era with all the OEM aero and hundreds of manufacturers, but I can live with this year's line up for the great entertainment it still provides.
  10. Cheers anyway, appreciate the offer. Might potentially have this sorted - a mate of mine has a new pillar drill! Getting some material during the week then hopefully having the seat fitted by Easter weekend! I cannae wait!!
  11. Unfortunately they can't be turned around - the E36 has a stupid shape floor. I wrote the 2 missing figures down at my lockup, but I can't remember what they are. I'll get them ASAP.
  12. Forgot to add - the blue bits are the brackets!! The light grey is the seat and the dark grey is the Cobra brackets.
  13. OK, so basically here's a HD run through what i've got: I like the Cobra bracket I have for 2 reasons - they raise me just enough to not be uncomfortable, and also all the holes in them are already threaded. So good security there. Combined with the seat already having threaded holes in the bottom, I fortunately don't need any captive nuts etc. Here's a pic of what the Cobra bases look like - they go horizontally, much like SteveBs race car pics. http://i41.tinypic.com/xqgc9g.jpg I've got to sit fairly far back and low down due to my height/length, so I end up nowhere near the bolt holes. Here's my high tech paint.net drawing of what I need - hopefully this clears up the dimensions a bit more. Click for full size: http://imageupload.org/thumb/thumb_208864.png http://i40.tinypic.com/20jbe9.png Hope this helps!
  14. I'll improve my drawings a bit and upload them tomorrow. I was going for flat (pretty thick) plate as it requires no welding and keeps my head away from the ceiling!
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