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  1. back on topic of the car got a little dirty so cleaned it and got some more LEDs boot light before: and after reverse lights before: and SMD led in have also changed the spark plugs as was having occasional miss fire and difficulty starting. Found the plugs that were in it werent tightened correctly, the coils werent tightened down correctly (coil on plug in these) and the gaps were too small in the plugs (should be 0.7 and were around 0.56) so with correctly gapped and fitted NGK irridiums in there costing £32.63 and that having improved power (due to stronger spark of correct gap at very least), improved economy and easier starting
  2. cheers Lovely drive - done nearly 1400 miles in it already and only had to change the battery which was still original and cold morning arent nice to batteries.
  3. Not slating you for it, it's just, you could be using the money to fund the Mondeo. only spending a small amount on this just to make it a bit more enjoyable - mondeo is a bit down the list atm as I need to service dads car, service this incl. cambelt, practice some welding before I start on the mondeo
  4. my car, my choice what I do thank you. Having spoken to several MOT testers, under current legislation they are perfectly legal to retro-fit as long as they have a defined cut off beam and alligned correctly
  5. from mot info under Inspection Manual for Classes 3, 4, 5 and 7 Vehicles So that means your mum's car still shouldn't pass an MOT because it is not fitted with either of those systems. the benefit of the doubt is because you may not be able to test the self leveling but you will be able to check the system is fitted. re-read that. - MAY be fitted, not MUST and Where fitted must work.
  6. he won it on ebay for a couple of hundred taxed and tested with the alloys and exhaust. He doesnt like any of it and calls it the chav can aswell as future baked bean can
  7. friend of mine has a corsa while his toyota soarer id off the road. this is his: and yes he did that to it himself. Once he gets his soarer back on the road, thats going to the scrap heap
  8. oh and to add, all I have done with the volvo lately is drive it. Its due a service and these require cambelt every 10 years or 96k and as its coming up 10 I'll do it now. I'm also going to fit irridium plugs, pipercross filter and just a oil and filter change using 5w40 fully synthetic. only other additions I will be making are a set of team heko wind deflectors, genuine volvo mud guards, audio converter (allows me to use OE stereo but have usb, sd, aux in and bluetooth) and well thats it. I am planning on replacing the back box at some stage as its rusty and rather rubbish looking but thats about all I'm going to do. Just enjoy it
  9. No debate on the HID'S legality mate iam an mot tester i know they are illegal Fanx!!!!! i have to make an apearence every so often lol ahem from mot info under Inspection Manual for Classes 3, 4, 5 and 7 Vehicles
  10. are they? yes they both get DLA as they are both disabled however my dad is a business analyst and despite being on long term sick leave with reduced salary, still earns a decent salary. My parents aren't minted and I have to pay them back making it my own. Escort had other issues and after dad crashed in to it was too much to repair.
  11. 2 shades of silver on the mk2, stardust and moondust and they are very similar but it looks like you have a moondust door on a stardust car as moondust is a little darker. 2 things to do that should help your fuel consumption a bit for very little outlay are 2 bits of cleaning. Take the upper IM off and clean it out as well as the lowers. The crankcase breathers feed in just in front of the TB so as mileage increases you get all the oil vapor settling and gunging up the inlets. Also some of the 2.5 v6's have EGR which is normally the older ones. can either remove it which is best option or just clean it out. Luckily mine being a late one has factory blanked off egr.
  12. Exactly what I was thinking. Thought main priority would be giving the money back you had borrowed, from parents and nana. Yiu seem to just rely on them giving you money, for another half ar5ed project. That you get bored with then change your mind, this will probably follow suit of all the other threads/topics you have started, why should this one be any different. I dont get bored, circumstances change. My escort went because crank shaft oil seal was leaking, both arches were rusted and several other issues as well as needing a larger car to accommodate my family better so I got the mondeo. Then crashed that one so got another that was starting to suffer with piston ring failure and I wanted a ST24 so used that as an opportunity to get one. decided I wanted to do a project on the st and while I was working less than a mile from home I only needed a car to use for trips out so got another mondeo where I was burnt so got rid and got a better one. Then lost my job so needed an economical car cheap that I could use for dominoes delivery so got the mondeo tddi which as my leather repair company got going and due to it being a mk3 mondeo diesel and therefore constantly broken I asked for money to get the bmw to have the room I needed and due to trips in to london needed an auto hence why it was an auto. Now that my circumstances have changed again and no longer need the auto estate and with the issues the bmw had which I didnt want to spend time I could spend on the st on I got the volvo which is not a project car. Yes it will get a couple of little changes like the leds and hids but unless something breaks I wont change things other than standad servicing consumables. Stereo is excellent if only a 4 cd changer but that will do, wheels suit it, doesnt need lowering, brakes stop it very well, exhaust works and was only replaced just over 2 years ago etc etc.
  13. I do, Hoping to get little over 2k for the bmw which will pay back for the volvo. Otherwise I'm going to end up breaking the BMW to get more money that way and pay my parents back then. Back to the car, fitted new wiper blades on the headlight wipers, fitted HIDs and ordered new number plates as front one is cracked round one of the screws and they both look rather crap. good old halfrauds plates. Do you not have to pay them back for the Beemer originally? Not too sure on this but ain't gonna sieve through the threads. Borrowed money from nana. Borrowed money from rents for gearbox. Borrowed money from rents to buy Volvo. Tries to sell BMW to pay back rents Money borrowed from nana was gifted for the BMW money borrowed from rents for gearbox forgotten?? Correct me if you like Stevemo!! If you must know, not that my families financial arrangements are much of your business Originally asked my nana for a loan to pay for the bmw but she decided it would just be a gift as she has no need for the money and then proceeded to give my brother £3000 as well to make it fair. I am paying back the gearbox to my parents in installments. Once the bmw is sold my parents will get that money and if I am short then I will cover the shortfall as well
  14. I agree with both answers you've had so far. I modified and broke and scrapped my escort and got almost bugger all of what I spent back. Its the same for me with my mondeo ST24. Its an old mondeo worth very little and alot of the parts arent worth masses now a days with mk3 mondeos being so cheap now. However I love that car and couldnt bring myself to scrap it so I will work on it in my spare time and build it up to the standard I want and then when its done decide exactly how I will use it as to whether it takes over as my day to day car or (a I would prefer) it becomes a weekend toy that I take to shows, do the odd track day and road trips. But it depends if you have that level of love for it or if you'd rather just use the teg?
  15. got mine from plates for cars http://i3.tagstat.com/image09/8/520f/00lt001O58f.jpg Nice standard and legal
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