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  1. cool, post some pics up when its done
  2. I've got a set of calibre components in the front of mine and they sound sweet for the £90 they cost. If you have got £200 to spend on speakers its worth splitting it so you spend more on the fronts as you are at the front mate you can pick up a set of DLS Components for £135 and a set of 6x9s with the rest
  3. 13cm speakers fit straight in as far as I remember and like said above the grille is part of the door card
  4. ah I get ya, yeah just plane them down so its a nice fit then put some filler in any gaps and sand that down then go round the inside of the box with some sealant
  5. the best bet is to have a false floor in the boot that way everything can be screwed to that
  6. no worries mate, Look forward to seeing it Nice to know someon appreciates my work
  7. She can have this for £100 Ross, retrimmed in black though
  8. depends how much you wanna spend mate, you can spend up to £450+ on a decent set of reference speakers
  9. what sort of volume is the box?
  10. depends, some subs dont need a box at all. if its a free air sub it will sound good in just a baffle. I tried mine in a baffle and it sounded shite. putting it in a box is the best bet, I always use sealed but you could have a ported box if you wish but I would put it in a box
  11. have you had all 3 subs running yet? I get a feeling the different make of subs may interfere with each other
  12. it does but what I do is make the front and top 1040mm wide and the rest of the box 970mm wide that way its a perfect fit
  13. you could make the top a little smaller and slope it inwards, and it should still be ok
  14. 140mm = 5.5 inches 470mm = 18.5 inches 970mm = 38.1 inches 340mm = 13.3 inches 490mm = 19.2 inches Hope that helps
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